[Paris 11] Le Chateaubriand on Parmentier

I remember really enjoying this restaurant back in 2011/2012. It has garnered a lot of fame and acclaim since.
Is it still worth going to?

Interesting question. I ate there in their early days as well. I believe they serve a lot of tourists these days.

Even though I am one of them tourists, I guess this alone would be a turn off. I just had such a warm memory of the 2011 or so dinner there.

Would love any recommendations of something similar but less touristy.

I had a great experience in 2018. But I’ve not been back since.

We ate at Le Chateaubriand (& had a great meal) while visiting Paris in the years somewhere between your trip and PenelopeWitherspoon’s – well after it was new. During our last stay in Paris 3 years ago, we had it on our “maybe” list but didn’t wind up going. My current list for our upcoming trip late Sept. again has it on the “maybe” list. Most of that has to do with there being so many other places we want to try, but I realize that several on our “must return” list are places we have gone, so I know that’s not the sole consideration.
After many trips to Paris and elsewhere, I’m still trying to wrap my head around to what degree I agree with your statement. Although I certainly do not go “elsewhere” in order to eat with others who are doing the same & would, most times, rather be surrounded by the people & culture of the place I’m visiting, I’m not sure that a restaurant serving a lot of tourists is a “turn off”. So many variables exist when deciding to dine at a place & I don’t think you (or I, for that matter) can just discount the fact that both PenelopeW and I had great meals/experiences at a place like Le Chateaubriand long after it was known to, and populated by, a significant # of tourists.
Probably a general topic to be explored elsewhere on HO, but this seemed like a good place to put it out there.

as an aside: I almost resisted the urge to respond to naf’s comment that they “serve a lot of tourists” with a “but I don’t eat tourists” comment (anyone else an old Twilight Zone fan & remember the “To Serve Man” episode)?

edited to add: opened a new topic for this potential discussion

It’s far less touristy now than it has been for most of the last decade. Mercifully, the FOMO crowd and list checkers have moved on to new temples of gastronomy.

For “surprise” cuisine it is still one of the best restos in Paris but somewhat tamer than it had been. Very few hit-and-miss experiments that made some meals rather disappointing and others, stunningly good in the past.


Thanks. Seems like its time to return. Back when, it was the only restaurant that my wife and I stood on line for & we wound up closing the place down, talking with several staff about some of the choices that were made on dish composition. Maybe what you meant by “surprise” cuisine?

Surprise cuisine = very creative and unusual taste combinations.

Occasionally Aizpitarte’s cuisine used to be like a science experiment that didn’t quite work. To describe him I used to quote the Longfellow poem about the girl with curl the middle of her forehead who was very, very good indeed when she was good but when she was bad, she was horrid. But recent visits suggest it’s all very very good.

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As I periodically do, here’s 2 anecdotes about our wait to get into Chateaubriand. In front of us on line were a couple of young French speaking guys who struck up a conversation with us (not vice versa for a change). I of course just assumed they were from Paris and asked where else they’d eaten to get some recommendations. Instead, we received some really good info. on restaurants (& other things) in Lyon, where they actually lived. As we were driving to Provence from Paris in a couple of days & hadn’t yet decided where we were stopping on our way south, this was all we needed to make Lyon a stop. We wound up there for 3 nights going down and another 2 driving back up. Their info. was the difference.

The 2nd story was that the twosome behind us on line was a mother/son whom my wife heard speaking English and started up a conversation with. Turns out that the son was working on the upcoming hotel that was about to be built at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge Park, a park that is 2 blocks from our place & that we fought to get for years, instead of allowing that land to be used for a row of skyscrapers. The hotel was a concession made (there were also 2 condos on the other end allowed) so that all tax revenue would go to park upkeep and keep it self sustaining. We wound up telling them about the history of the park’s zoning and development and he filled us in on the hotel. By the way, both the park and the hotel are now doing very well.
A waiting line well spent. Sometimes tourists are good to have around.


So, I am tinkering with the idea of a tasting menu in September on a solo trip. when I went to Le Chateaubriand’s reservations there was not an option for one. anyone have any experience with this?

Just call and make the reservation by phone. I’ve seen online reservation min 2 people but they are fine with one when you call.

If there are problems getting a table for a solo, Chateaubriand also has a separate small-plates bar Le Dauphin almost next door. A different chef but many similarities in the cuisine. And fab counter seating perfect for solos.

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I never had a problem getting a reservation for 1. I would either call, or, if you are staying in a hotel with a concierge, ask them to help you.

I have had some excellent meals at Le Dauphin.