[Paris 10] Michelin 1* ABRI - Has anyone tried?!

Heard some great thing about this restaurant ( especially their Spiny Crab Bisque and Pigeon 2 ways ). Also, at only 65 Euro for 7 courses, their tasting menu makes it one of the cheapest Michelin 1* ’ tasting menu ’ restaurant in town.

Has any fellow foodies tried the place before? Was the food really that good?

I’m thinking of making room in my September itinerary to include it in our ’ Michelin’ spot. However, its a bit far from our Airbnb. Just wanted to make sure its worth our 40+ minute metro ride since there are some pretty good and CLOSER alternatives near our place…where we can put the 1.5 hrs travel time to better ’ sightseeing/shopping ’ use?!
Thanks in advance!

Where are you staying ? Have you checked the RATP itinerary planning site ? Are you averse to taking a taxi ? If you confine yourself to the tourist zones and just depend on your footsies and the métro for getting around, you miss a lot of what Paris offers.

And yes, Abri is very good and very good value. The menu changes often so there’s no guarantee that you will get spiny crab bisque and pigeon 2 ways on that day… maybe something else even better.

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Thanks for the quick and helpful response, Daniel.
FYI, we are staying near Port Royal/Les Gobelins.
We are by no means confining ourselves to the tourist zone since our planned eating venues scatter all over town.
However, I was just wondering, with so many good places to eat near our airbnb like Odeon/St. Germain, Montparnasse…etc, whether it is worth our while ( 2 elderly 70+ gentlemen ) to spend so much time in the subway ( plus walking ) just to give a ’ highly recommended place by some friends? a try? Don’t forget, after a wine pairing dinner, we would like to get home ASAP and rest our intoxicated brain and aching bones! Ha! :joy:!!

Taxis/ uber and/or buses are perfect for 2 elderly 70+ gentlemen (and you get mini-sightseeing tours on the way)… the métro with all its stairs, long corridors. pickpockets, and sometimes packed trains is exactly the worst form of transport for old geezers. Even we much younger geezers avoid it as much as possible.