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Does anyone here use the Paprika app for saving recipes you find online? i do and I really like it, but lately it’s not letting me download and save anything. When I hit download it leaves the app altogether without saving the recipe. Has anyone had this happen or have any idea how to fix?


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Oh boy… my experience with recipe apps over the last 40 years has pretty much sucked (and that includes a half dozen or more).

They go unsupported, many are lousy at importing/exporting data to/from usable/properly formatted data, and have poor search options.

My final conclusion was to keep them as text files, using a text editor that could easily search predefined folders of multiple files. If you’re on a Mac check out BBEdit.

Now it is a no brainer to copy/paste to my web site, forum posts, email to a friend, my mobile device apps like Google Keep, and I no longer have to worry about tiny developers giving up on their apps… forcing me to have to transfer data from one proprietary format to another.

what he said.

I’ve been ‘online’ since the mid-1980’s - sysop’ed / wiz’oped / moderated multiple “fori” and without exception the ‘freebie’ stuff does not work well, or goes out of business - even the stuff that “works well”

my recipes are .txt, some in .rtf, some in .pdf, some lesser in .doc (where I want the pix…)

bottom line - you cannot trust any of the free/paid apps.

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I do! I think I paid for it. I used Pepperplate before this, and also used Grocery IQ; both let me down, and that influenced me being willing to pay.

I save almost as many recipes there as I do on HO!

In fact, not saving everything here on HO is one reason I keep it going.

I go through phases… :smiling_face:

I have had download problems from time to time, but I will do a copy and paste, or save screen shot.

I really like Paprika. And I also have tons of recipes there

Agree, I love the Paprika app. It went wonky on me a few days ago but is operating as normal now. Phew!!

I currently have 1506 recipes saved in Paprika. :joy:


Try clearing your cache - either for the website or phone app.

Mine is back to normal too. Whew!

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