Pappy's Houston Area

Doobs, quick, what should I order.

I’m thinking a burger, chicken fried steak, or catfish.

I’m not a fan of the burger, go for the catfish!

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That was fast, thanks. I’m in a beef mode, have you had the cfs? I can definitely do catfish, strips or filet?

Sorry. I guess you’ve already ordered by now.

What’s the special and soup of the day?

What did you wind up ordering?

I’m still at home. Do they do French onion?

Never had FO there I don’t think.

If they have Crawfish Bisque get that. Best I’ve had and we used to call ahead to see if they were serving it when we were trying to decide where to go.

I almost always ordered the Blackened Catfish with the bisque and a salad and fried okra, or green beans or cole slaw.

Hope you enjoy(ed).

P.S. The burger was good but always tried to put me to sleep back at the office.

The CFS was good. Chicken sandwich was good.

I chickened out and got the chicken fried steak. I’ll put it in the very good category, not as good as Triple A but since they are defunct, and Pappy’s so close It will be a go to when I need a fix. I’m not a big gravy fan but I do like to dunk a chunk or two in it, but I found it had way too much bacon flavor.

The blackened catfish sure sounds good. I dropped off a fishing rod for repair just down the feeder and I can see myself feeding on some catfish when I pick it up.

The special was meatloaf and chicken chowder soup, just not a meatloaf guy.

pfffft! Not possible.

Is Pappy’s surviving the growth over there? Mason Jar is gone. Ciro’s was demo’d this week but they had built out behind the old building and moved overnight, not missing a single meal!!

Yep way too much bacon flavour, It’s possible and it’s true. They’re doing quite well, got there at 1230 and it was slammed. I thought they were going to close a la Mason Jar next door, which had a Goode Company sign up among the destruction. Maybe Doobs can shed some light on this.

Ciro’s moved, again. What’s up with that?

Ciro’s was bought out by Metro National (who owns most of Memorial City) and they rebuilt the restaurant. It’s still there! Just about at 50 yards behind the original! Some new construction going up in the old footprint.

Goode Company Kitchen going in at Mason Jar. New concept Tex-Mex. I was at the Woodlands location last week.

So Pappy’s is staying put?

I haven’t heard anything about it but things are changing fast over there.

Here’s the answer!