Pappy's and Mason Jar - Houston

Both are coming down for new construction. Rumor is that both will relocate though we know how that sometimes goes. Maybe Doobs can fill in the missing data seeing as how he’s at Pappy’s frequently.

I questioned the manager at Ciro’s recently. They are moving just a few feet backward eventually. We were there when Guadalajara next-door experienced a gas leak, and about 25 of their staff came over to Ciro’s to eat, and wait out the emergency response teams.

Well as a matter of fact, I believe that I’ve heard that Pappy’s is relocating towards town a mile or two and is being torn down for redevelopment. Also that Mason Jar is to become a Goode Company Taqueria and Burgers. I don’t know if it will renovated or torn down and rebuilt. I don’t think Mason Jar is relocating. Hope I’m wrong.

I’ll admit to being a bit anxious about both.

I did hear that Mason Jar will be relocated and that Goode Co is renovating the property. I wonder if they will permit smoking as Mason Jar did.

Mason Jar quit allowing smoking inside several months ago.

No idea what Goode will do.

That must have cause some unhappiness amongst its loyal crowd. People went there just so they could smoke. The food faltered in recent decades, IMO. In my teen years it was quite the event to travel from Sugar Land around 610 to the Mason Jar for lunch.

I’m bringing this thread back for purely selfish reasons. I really liked the French onion soup and was wondering if anyone knew where to get some in the Memorial/Spring Branch area or near my other castle in River Oaks. Our fearsome winter is just around the corner with all the bitter, bitter cold.

Any news on a new location? I don’t see it happening.

The smoking, they were in Hedwig Village or one of those other villages around them with no smoking laws. It was ok as long as you weren’t at or in front of the bar.

The FOS at Bistro Provence is wonderful and a meal in itself. It’s open for lunch and is casual.

Le Cep probably has one too, Wilcrest @ Westheimer, but it’s a tad more foofoo.

Cafe Brussels also has a good hearty one, but it’s close to downtown a couple of blocks from Stanton’s grocery burgers on Houston Ave.

I have also been wanting a good FOS lately, but I’m waiting for the heat to die down, at least a little. Bistro Provence is small and has a large fired pizza oven, so we like to go there in the winter. They have a nice duck salad tool.

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They were actually in a smoking municipality and smokers knew where to go in Houston to smoke inside. I didn’t like that. They stopped allowing it sometime before it closed.

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No foofoo for me but the other two sound great. Thank-you.

I know everybody’s probably seen this but I thought I’d post it anyway.

I’ve read elsewhere Mason Jar is relocating to Katy.

Thanks, I hadn’t read it.

Finally, with apologies to my good buddy Jaymes, a reason to drive west of the Beltway for the first time in 4 or 5 years after a trip to San Antone even though I live mere minutes away.

I read about this somewhere but what’s going to happen in the old Pappy’s space?

I wouldn’t normally be up this late but, ASTRO’S WIN!!, this being from seeing the last game at Colt .45’s stadium as a mere crumb cruncher.

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I haven’t heard this either. Hmm.

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