Pappas Delta Blues Smokehouse - Webster (TX)

I respect Scott Sandlin’s opinion a lot but I’m not in a big hurry to try this out. I’m still just not that interested in BBQ and want to get back to the Pit Room and maybe try Pinkerton’s - probably both those before this.

Anybody else?

Pappas Delta Blues

I’m not a BBQ seeker, but I like a good Q on occasion. If I were down there I’d try it.

In other area news, El Tiempo in Webster on I-45 is finally opening after a 4 year dispute.

Also I learned recently of the new Tookie’s Seafood in nearby Seabrook. I would definitely make a drive to check that out!

Back to Q, there has been anticipation about the opening of Harlem Road BBQ in Richmond, Ft. Bend County. That is a tad closer to you Bruce. It’s a project of a Swiss chef via Wolfgang Puck training. Interesting.

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Thanks. I had not heard of that one. I guess their PR firm has been falling down on the job :smirk:. Out in the middle of pretty much nowhere it looks like but, yes, closer to me.

It is not open yet. I heard of it from the owner of Himalaya who thinks the BBQ Swede is a rock star.