Pappadeaux 290 Houston

They nailed it.

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We opened with oysters, go figure. Baton Rouge baked in a parmasean romano cheese sauce. The Wifeacita made sure there wasn’t a crumb of baked cheese or sauce left. A fantastic dish, we had it in Austin a couple of years ago and it was substandard, but I’ve never had a bad one at the 290 location.

A bonus is the road destruction on the feeder is finished.

We had fried oysters and the crawfish combo of etouffee and fried.

The oysters were perfectly fried, plump and delicious. The etouffee was as good as always while the fried was just ok. Bread was hot, fresh and delicious.

We sat in the dining room where service can be spotty but it was perfect.

Just a good time with leftovers for the Patriots/Chargers

A bonus is the road destruction on the feeder is finished.


Edit coming.

My MIL spent the holidays with us and one day we were sitting around watching some food show when they started talking soft shell crab. Tis not the soft shell season, but she said she really wanted some. There’s not much seafood in El Paso. So we loaded up in the jalopy and headed to Pappadeaux I-10 at BW8. She and I split a “3 crab” order and they served us 1-1/2 each with a good fry portion. It was delicious, they do a great job with soft shells, even frozen. We also got lucky with finding a bar booth, where it is may be one or two decibals quieter than the main chaotic dining room. At that location, bar service is chronically and glacially slow and the portions are way too big. That and the noise level are the only drawbacks. Good food.

Since I rediscovered Los Tios late last year, I can’t seem to get enough of it. I think I’ll head over today for a Chalupa Los Tios, which has ground beerf, cheese and that yummy chili gravy.