Papa Ganache Matawan

I found myself in Matawan by the train station with some time to kill today so I wandered Main St in the warm wind. I found this place I later learned has been here 12 years, called Papa Ganache. Since that was my nickname when I played high school football, I went in. Very cute and packed with goodies.

This left side of the store is all vegan.

This display case has baked good that are not only vegan but also gluten-free. The fridge has some savory prepared food options. It all looked great and I found out that they use a separate gluten-free kitchen to bake those items.

I opted for a slice of the made-in-a-pizza-pan vegan apple pie. If I had not known it was vegan I would not have known it was vegan. That last sentence made sense to me :rofl:


They began their company in the old furniture bldg (now occupied by Drew’s Bistro) in Keyport many, many years ago. The fresh strawberry donut/cruller is my favorite.


A coworker used to bring vegan goodies from there. To this very say, best jelly donut I’ve ever had.


They recently open a store in Manasquan but I haven’t been in yet. I hear they also specialize in gluten free baked goods.


Spent some time here, mostly at their Cranford location.
Do not be wary of the Vegan goods. They are delicious.
My favorite items were the Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie, Dulce de Leche Cupcake, Creme Brulee Cupcake or Donut, Smores Bar. Get there early on weekends for the best selection of breakfast pastry and donuts.
If you stick to the Vegan side you probably won’t notice any difference from a regular bakery. The Vegan Gluten-free side has some items that you won’t find on the Vegan side, notably the Yodel and Rainbow Cookie which are both very popular. Be advised the GF products have a different texture than the regular, but are excellent for those that need it.


Sure…I was in Cranford TODAY. Had no idea they’re there! Next time…
And fwiw, I’ve found that a good vegan bakery is just a good bakery. Shouldn’t matter that it’s vegan if they know what they’re doing!

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The V word elicits strange reactions. Not sure what people think goes in the products to get them so weirded out.
The cupcake is actually Tres Leches not Dulce de Leche.