Pantry poltergeists?

After several weeks of quarantine living I’ve been surprised at how quickly items are depleted in the pantry and the fridge. Either I just never noticed the speed of depletion cuz all the stores were handy, or…it’s the pantry poltergeists!


A few weeks ago my pantry and fridge were so full it was tough to fit anything else (same can be said for my liquor cabinet). Now they’re 3/4 empty (same can be said for my liquor cabinet).

I never realized that I just automatically replenished every week or two (same can be said for my liquor cabinet).

Now I just buy what is absolutely essential (same cannot be said for my liquor cabinet . . .PA liquor sales are shut down :frowning:


I’m mostly fine with supplies. I just can’t figure out how the dishwasher shrunk to the point that I have to run it practically every day (used to be every third or fourth day).

In addition to empty isles of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and paper towels our Stop & Shop now has no dishwasher detergent. Too many people cooped up at home cooking, eating and pooping…On the bright side, our package stores are still open for business.

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We’re still in good shape for food - we could go another month without shopping although things would get pretty grim on the produce front. I’ve just started a batch of sprouts. We’re okay on toilet paper although that’s bolstered by me usually using the bidet. I’m worried about Kleenex (I have seasonal allergies and it is the season) and paper towels. I’ve started researching venues.

I get dishwasher detergent pods at Trader Joe’s. Might be an option for you.

I was thinking the other day that my dishwasher is the real MVP of appliances through this. I’m running it at least 1x a day. Usually closer to twice.


Thanks - closest TJ’s is an hour round trip in Hyannis. DH is the hunter-gatherer now and found some detergent pods at a small Mom & Pop market. I’m not shopping outside of the house because of “underlying health issues”. Had a virtual appointment with my primary care physician yesterday and she doesn’t think it’s safe for me to be out in public right now.

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Ah, sorry to hear you’re extra confined. And glad you won’t have to wash dishes by hand.

I was away for a couple of weeks taking care of family members, and my wife’s comment was “with what’s in the pantry and freezer, I’m good for a month before I have to start eating stuff you like and I don’t, and another month after that.”
(Doesn’t count running out of things like diet soda.)