[Pantin, Greater Paris] Les Pantins - neighbour bistro near la Villette and Paris 19e

Pantin is a city next to Paris 19, la Villette, is hosting an exciting exhibition Toutânkhamon till end of summer, if you like Egyptian treasures. I went there for administration reasons. Situated in the centre and next to the city hall of Pantin, there are 2 places that worth a mention, one is les Pantins, the other is called Mingway inside the CND roughly translated like National Dance Centre, I looked at the menu of the day, it didn’t inspire me, so I settled with les Pantins, just a street away. Les Pantins was a restaurant and also a wine cellar. Arrived at 11h45, they were still in preparation with lunch. I walked in without reservation and asked if I could have a meal, they led me in at a table of 2. They were still busily preparing and printing the lunch menu. Delivery people going in and out with vegetables, gas and boxes. A few minutes later they handed me the menu of the day.

Lunch menu consisted of 2-course meal, entrée 18€ / plat or 3-course with dessert in addition 21€. I took the 3-course meal. For drink, I opted for a glass of wine, a few options and explanations quite clear led me to a glass of VDF le Blanc des Garennes, Fond Cypres, 2015. As a white, it was quite strong, with a strong character, which went well with my meat course.

Entrée: Œufs durs fermiers, œufs de harengs fumés & mayonnaise - hard boiled eggs, smoked herring eggs with mayonnaise.
Simple but good, the radish pickle added a nice sweet touch.

Plats: Roti de cochon de l’Aveyron, champignons, patate douce & oignons confits - Roasted Aveyron pork, mushroom, sweet potatoes and onion confit
A very fulfilling dish.

Dessert: Crème de betteraves rouges & cookie aux noix de pécan - Beetroot cream and pecan cookie. A bit of a disappointment, I would say it was a basic beetroot purée (not too smooth) and an okay cookie. Nothing very special, and the beetroot tasted very much like it was. I think a touch of acidity like raspberry vinegar would be a plus.

An honest meal that pleasantly filled the stomach. Not a destination bistrot, but a friendly neighbour place. I saw all type of clients, office workers, family coming with kids, solo visiters… If I happened to be in the neighbourhood, I will be happy to dine here again, maybe I will skip dessert though.

Meal was 28€ with the wine 7€.

Les Pantins
6 rue Victor Hugo
93500 Pantin
Tel: 01 57 14 38 74