Panj Tara

Bittersweet (see below) to be writing this but went to Panj Tara after back in town. Had the classics — samosas (with some great chutneys), butter chicken, baigan bhartha, dal makhni, a couple naans, and white basmati. This was the best Indian of this style I’ve had in the city.

I followed Jatinder on insta before so knew he was more of a real chef and was excited he was opening up Panj Tara but we were leaving out of town for a while so never got to try it. But at our visit a couple days ago, talking with him some, unfortunately they’re going to close at the end of the year as business just isn’t what it was supposed to be with the offices closed and not coming back, not to mention the current scene of Market on those blocks. He said they’re looking for either another spot in SF or, more likely, heading to the South Bay. Worth a follow on insta to see where he ends up.

They also have a lunch special every day for $13 which includes 4 or so items. Worth a visit while it’s there or I think they’re on the delivery apps. A little warning that the menu is a little paired back on the more ambitious items due to the situation described above, but you can still easily put together a nice meal.


panj tera appears to be between 6th and 7 th on market.