Pandan plant in the SF Bay Area?

I’ve been trying to track down a pandan plant in the SF Bay area for a few years now. I’ve asked local nurseries in person or via e-mail. The closest I’ve gotten is a “maybe, check with us this summer” from Yamagami’s and an outright no from others.

Is anyone growing pandan locally? Where did you get yours?

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Have you tried calling Phuong Nam Nursery in San Jose? I don’t know if they have it but wonder if the odds will improve with them being Vietnamese.

I am guessing you aren’t looking to buy the leaves from markets?

I’ll give them a try next time I’m in the area for pho. Thanks!

I already grow my own makrut lime, galangal and lemongrass and like having a tiny bit of fresh on hand vs going to the market.

@jon914 Did you have any luck finding a pandan plant in in the SF Bay Area? I’m looking for a pandan plant from a local business before I order it online. Thanks!

I think I’ve seen the leaves frozen in c markers on Clement St in SF, but I’m not sure. May be worth a shot if you don’t need the whole plant.

Welcome. I do not know where you are but Suncrest Nurseries Inc. in Watsonville grows it and although they are a wholesaler they may be able to tell you who carries it retail.

@jiaozi thank you! I am looking for the full plant, but this is a great backup plan. Much appreciated!

@BierMonk Thank you! I will give them a call, that’s a great idea.

:beers: !