Pandan Leaves in Boston

Hello -

I was hoping someone would know where I could find pandan leaves in Boston. I’ve tried the Super 88/Hong Kong Supermarket in Allston, but they’ve never had any the few times I’ve looked.


Have you tried Mings in the South End or H Mart? I did see frozen pandan leaves at Super 88 in Allston. I’ve never seen fresh ones around here, but it might be worth asking the Hmong farm stands at local farmers markets this summer. If you really want them and don’t mind paying:

Thanks for the suggestions - I also never even thought of looking in the freezer case, so I’ll check back at the super 88! I’ve never bought them before, and so I just looked through the produce.

any large asian market should have frozen pandan leaves

Thanks! I found some! I’ve been looking in produce sections for months - it never occurred to me to look in the freezer case.