Pan de Maiz - for "Goldilocks" French Toast

I bought too much bread last week, including Market Basket’s instore bakery’s Pan de Maiz, a Cuban cornmeal-wheat flour-molasses batard, which is a new item for MB, and for me. I decided to use half of this loaf for French toast, something I hadn’t made in probably 25 years. Serendipitously, this bread proved ideal for the purpose. It’s fine-textured and firm-yet-tender, so the FT was “just right”. Other than brioche, which has a lot more fat, I don’t know of a bread that makes as good a version of FT. I imagine Pan de Maiz would also work well in strata and bread pudding.


Sometimes I try putting spare slices of this and that in the waffle iron to make a crispy layer for a snack. . . now you’ve got me thinking about making a loaf. Sounds delish . . . w/ham in a mustard sauce?

I’ll have to look for it. Haven’t spent that much time in MB’s bakery area - it’s a new chain for me.

IME, most of their in-house-baked items look better than they taste. The layer cakes, which I tried years ago, were dry, with overly-sweet frosting, and I don’t think they’ve heard of butter. But they do carry some local artisan breads like Jessica’s Brick Oven. The thin, crispy cookies (several kinds) that are stacked 11 to a clear cellophane bag, are quite good. I have heard that the glazed doughnuts are good.

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr