Pampas Cafe— empanadas ( Castro Valley)

Argentine empanadas starting at 7am on weekdays, 8am on weekends (closed mondays).

The chicken and the chorizo empanadas were great, and had juicy fillings that didn’t weaken the crust. Different varieties, meat, vegetarian, and sweet included, are stamped to distinguish one empanada from the other.


Hi Hyperbowler,
Chocolatetartguy aka Cinecityposters thanking you for this tip. I had to go to CV today for a doctor’s appointment. Stopped in at Pampas Cafe for lunch. I had a traditional beef empanada which was very tasty and meaty but too salty. The sweet potato one was studded with a few black beans. It was bland but comforting. As you reported the crust held up to the fillings. I especially liked the crunch of the crust edges.
I brought home a chicken and a chorizo for later in the week. They no longer have any of the sweet varieties. Thanks again.

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I live near there, and I’ve made many visits. The empanadas are so tasty. They have very good coffee, and they also sell mate tea and Wooden Table’s alfajores.

They’re right next to a cowboy gear shop too. I love where I live.