Pampa Grill Houston/Spring Branch

This is the first of two installments of I really want to like this place.

It’s less than 10 minutes away. They have great reviews on Yelp and other local yokel publications. It’s an Argentina place with lots of family folk on a Saturday afternoon.

Food, they do a great beef empanada and I don’t even like empanadas. It went rapidly downhill from there. I decided on the entrana, outside skirt steak from the website. The guy next to us ordered one and a clue should have been him sawing away at his.

TU just intercepted an Oklahoma pass in the end zone.

The food came out too quickly. The wifeacita got pork chops, dried out and tough. My entrana was equally tough. We both got vegetables for sides and they were terrible, not grilled at all just microwaved.

The Wifeacita speculated the entire meal was done by Chef Mic and thrown on the grill for “tasty” grill marks on the meat, the speed from order to table was just too quick.

We shan’t be going back.

TU: punt.


How long have they been open? Can you estimate how much was invested in the “physical Plant”? Any FoH management present when you both dined? Any disgruntled diners in proximity to where you were seated?

Asking because I can’t understand how a restaurant can throw bad food at patrons and expect to prosper…

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At least tu lost, so there’s that.

What’s left for the second installment?

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Check you later.

I used the cap TU version showing slight respect for the program of the person we know and dare I say, like.