Palumbo's Pizza Little Silver NJ

(Full disclosure the managing partner is a friend of mine for over 20 years)

My buddy who use to be the owner/operator/chef over at One18 Bistro in Deal (FU Covid) has now taken over Palumbo’s Pizza and restaurant in Little Silver. I stopped by last night with my son to check it out and see what’s going on. This is a new venture for him so he is still operating under the old owners menu etc. however I had a cheesesteak deluxe (mushrooms, pepper and onions) it was very good, as was the medium margarita pie we had. They have a typical pizzeria type dining room and menu with about a dozen comfortable tables and booths, he said the place will be receiving a face lift as well as a new upgraded menu etc.

So if you are in the area and feel like a slice feel free to stop by and say hello to Eddie and feel free to tell him Bob sent you. (that and $2. should get you a small soda)

Good luck to Eddie and Debbie!!!


hey Jr- glad to hear someone good bought that spot- I had seen it for sale a while ago. The family that owned it previously was always very nice to us, we had dined in several times there and always enjoyed the food (pizza least of all that we ate there ironically) as it’s super close and has ample parking.
Will def look to try them now as it’s been some time since we’ve eaten there. Fingers crossed on the cheesesteaks as we’re in desperate need of a good one locally. Hoping they keep the potato and egg hero on the menu as that was a favorite.
Excited to see what new stuff your friend brings to the menu as his last spot seemed to generate good reviews.


That is great news! Look forward to trying out the food in their new venture.

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Will have to check it out. I used to go there years ago when it was Danny’s (before Palumbo’s)…looking forward to trying the food.


Picked up from here tonight. Good experience for sure. I liked the grandpa pizza, square slice with the curly pepperoni and touch of pesto. Pizza had nice crust to it. Not at all doughy like many spots around here go with. Had a nice texture to it. Tried a chicken wrap which was quite good. Also the cheesesteak was on point. Will DEF be ordering that one again.
@NotJrvedivici I am glad you mentioned the changeover, was def happy with our order. The only real strike was the fries seemed like they had no salt at all.

While I was waiting for my food I counted 4 tables occupied, two other pick ups, and delivery guy making rounds, so seems like they are doing well.
They also seem to being going with name “slice of Hope at polumbos “ at this time.


Went again pre Christmas Eve dinner and really enjoyed it. Potato and egg was good, tried drunken chicken slice of vodka sauce and chicken cutlet and enjoyed it, and the cheese steak was a hit again, def becoming a favorite. The full is quite large and a good value tbh


If you enjoy thick crust pie try their grandpa pie, it’s become my favorite. The cheesesteak is one of the better in the area, albeit there isn’t a lot of competition in the area for great cheesesteaks. (ETA ok I just re-read your prior post, see the grandpa is good! Lol)

Glad you enjoyed I hope he does well there.


Went again for the cheesesteak last night and really enjoyed it. The large Is massive and def enough for two people. At 12.50 it’s a steal. It’s def my fav cheesesteak in the area, not that there is an abundance of good ones locally. Didn’t try any pizza this time, but def enjoying the square slices, both the drunken chicken and the grandpa slices, great crust on them. Seemed
Like they were doing good takeout on a random Monday night at 530 too

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Too funny I got delivery last night. The grandpa pie, cheesesteak, chicken francese and chicken Murphy. Obviously the pie and cheesesteak we’ve discussed but honestly both chicken dishes are pretty solid as well. They have become our go-to pizza place of late and I’ve been very happy with it.


I picked up a pie and spaghetti/meatballs on NYE. Meatballs were good very tender. Pie was good not great (disappointed in the generic pepperoni was expecting natural casing “cupped”). Will try again though as the crust was good.

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Last night we tried the Rocky Balboa pie. (broccoli rabe’ - sausage - hot cherry peppers-same thick crust as grandpa) really good!! (obviously for broccoli rabe’ lovers only). Chicken francese’ over linguini and the hot antipasto all very good!


Heated up a slice


I liked the pie so much I made the pasta version for dinner. Sausage-broccoli rabe-chicken-hot cherry peppers!


I really like that you were not shy with the parmesan!!


One of the few benefits of continuing to live in NJ.
(Shout out to my buddy Eddie)


Is that inside? Looks like they may have completed the remodel?

I was in there a couple days ago…looks very nice inside now! Honestly has turned into my go-to takeout pie now in the area.

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Yes, the remodel is 85/90% completed. New tile walls, tables and chairs with bench seats against the walls. (Pro-tip; the bench seats along the main wall(s) are kind of shallow in depth, however the bench along the window has extra depth. That’s now officially my spot. If you drive by and see a large frame with a blinding bald spot sitting there come on in, first slice on me!!)


I’ll just call first and ask if “mr big Noodle” is in the house?

Honestly it’s been a bit since we’ve been here, need to hear back. Really enjoy the drunken chicken and the grandpa slice. Cheesesteak is best in area. Want to try other items as well, need to look at more of the hero’s.

I think someone said the meatballs were good? Need a good meatball sub locally.

Chicken francese good, chicken Murphy good, chicken valastrano(?) good, chicken parm good. Pastas are good from what I’ve tried, chicken scarp I didn’t like at all. (Remember I’m a Jimmys guy, it’s hard to compete but I really didn’t like it). Hot antipasto is very garlic/breadcrumbs if that’s your thing get it. (I really like it) his “Eddie’s chopped salad” is pretty good too.
(Good is on a pizza level playing field)

That’s my full opinions.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

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