[Palo Alto] Son of Wolf, modern Mexican

Son of Wolf opened recently next to the Palo Alto Sol space on Cal Ave. Its from the same team.

Aguachile- not very hot. More salty than lime-y. Peeled Shrimp was chewy. The Chile oil was nice. Purple potato chips mop up the aguachile. So-so dish.

La pierna de cien anos. Carnitas braised in negra Modelo tasted nice and complex. Most were tender but some pieces were tough. The gigante beans were a little bland.

Corn tortilla made from masa with huatlacoche. Very good- slightly sweet and earthy. Especially great in mopping up and combining with the negra Modelo sauce. Best flavors of the evening.

What’s that in the dish?

Beware of the Sheep, a mezcal-based cocktail

Overall, the meal was a bit mixed. Some high points- the tortillas were very good with the modelo sauce, but some mehs as well. Given the price point, I am not in a hurry to go back, but I am curious about their other dishes. Anyone been? Nice looking space.


Drinks menu:


Aguachile wasn’t spicy? How very Palo Alto :slight_smile: I’ve only had aguachile a few times, and with the exception of pretty hot by the pound stuff at Cardenas Markets, it usually makes me search for a fire extinguisher (or saltines in the case of Mariscos Jalisco in LA).

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Well they need to cater to gringos like me. Modern Mexican in this town is Mexican for gringos. This is not Modern Mexican like Quintonil or Pujol…!

I’ve never been to Palo Alto Sol next door or Vive Sol in Mountain View. I wonder if non-modern Mexican is more solid?

I have been to Quinto Sol by the same people, and they take great pride in a few dishes, and RWC ( even downtown ) has more mexicans. I choke on the price point, though and only go in occasionally when I rather want to sit at the extraordinarily pretty bar. Sorry I can’t remember the dishes I like - but the place is super popular so they must be doing something right.

I am curious if you have been to La Viga. If you have, how do you like it versus Quinto Sol?