[Palo Alto] Roost and Roast

I was hoping that we might finally have a decent Thai place in Palo Alto. Roost and Roast opened for a few months already in the Town and Country Village. We tried it, and unfortunately its not quite enough to bring me back a second time.

@Lethe2020 mentions that thai food in the Bay Area is sweet. Roost and Roast takes it to a totally different level. The savory dishes are literally dessert sweet. Its a little too much for me, but perhaps appeal to the Paly students next door.

So the search continues.



It’s not PA but also not so far away - have you tried Isarn Garden on ECR in San Carlos ? By far the best Thai we had in the Bay Area so far


Yes I liked them a lot too. But haven’t had a chance to go back. How’s their business these days? It was quite empty when I was there.

We recently ordered take out from them and once we arrived there for pick up we still had to wait for 50 minutes because they were packed and had long lines of people waiting for take out (ultimately we canceled our order because it took too long). Not sure if this was a reflection of being shortly before Thanksgiving or if business really picked up

I think Isarn Garden is doing fine. They have a great yelp reputation and every time I order there are at least a few people in there. Everyone I send there loves it.

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