[Palo Alto] California Avenue Farmer's Market

Since Cal Ave Farmer’s Market is my home market, I thought I’d share some recent news with this discussion.

Manresa Bread doesn’t seem to be coming to the market any more. In its place, Frog Hollow now has a second stall at the end of the market near Zareen’s where they sell pastries. This was from a few weeks ago so memory was a little hazy. They were lemon tart, some sort of fruit turnover, Hungarian cake, and cherry tart. All quite decent. The fruit used in these pastries of course were good, just like their fresh fruits.

Craftsman and Wolves is now at the market. May 3rd was their first day. I got the obligatory The Rebel Within. Though the egg wasn’t runny. Best to throw them into the oven to reheat a bit since eating it cold isn’t too much fun.

The Midwife and the Baker is now at the Cal Ave Market! Last week was their second week at the market. They got a pretty decent selection. They were out of country by 10am last week.