[Palo Alto, CA] Good sandwiches at Fambrini's Cafe

Fambrini’s has recently relocated to a newly constructed building next to their former location. The former location was on the terrace of a building on El Camino due to be demolished. They serve the office crowd around California Avenue and opens weekdays only from early mornings to middle of the afternoons.

They got a huge menu of sandwiches and other food. Some of the sandwich are pretty standard fare with meat, lettuce, tomato and sauce. Others are more elaborate. All of them are pretty reasonably priced options for Palo Alto.

Chimichurri surf & turf sandwich came with grilled tri tip, shrimp and bacon slathered with what they call a cajun and garlic sauce and cilantro pesto with some melted pepper jack. The saucy stuff had a tiny amount of heat, and was a pretty complex combination of savory/ ooozy-cheeesy goodness. Their bread seems like a cross between the usual ciabbata and banh mi bread in texture- A bit more airy with a crispy crust and arrived toasted. Went very well with the rest of the sandwich. Very enjoyable.

Messicano came with grilled chicken, bacon slathered with a garlic/ chipotle sauce, cilantro pesto, melted pepper jack and a bunch of smashed avocado. Similar to the tri tip sandwich, the sauce, plus the gooey cheese/ avocado was the highlight. Also enjoyable. Though the presence of raw crunch jalapeno introduced a rather odd texture.

Sandwich menu:

They got a nice, sunny patio in the back. Great casual weekday lunch option.