[Palo Alto] Babka by Ayélet

Palo Alto gets the US’ first babka-centric bakery according to news reports. Babka by Ayelet (Roughly pronounced as eye-yéh-let) Its located in the Town and Country Village, a few doors down from the UPS store.

Ayelet offers a number of babka in the bakery, including the traditional chocolate babka. The bakery, like many other stores at the outdoor shopping center after the facelift a few years ago, is posh. I was the first customer on the day I visited, so all the babkas were still in the kitchen (and warm!) Nothing yet was placed on the retail counters.

I got the chocolate and raspberry cheese babkas in small size at $6 each, with each piece about 4" x 2" x 2". I had not had bakbas before so take the comments with a grain of salt. The chocolate babka was a moist, semi-sweet cake wrapped around a dark fudge filling, and then dusted on top with powdered sugar. The raspberry cheese babka had some tart raspberry interspersed with some cream cheese notes in the semi-sweet cake. I thought they both tasted fairly nice, and I liked the raspberry cheese babka a bit more. They also carry the halva babka for those with sweet tooth.

Four barrel coffee is served. Still in soft opening.


Wow, I’ve never seen mini-babkas before! I’ll note it for my next time in Palo Alto.

Wise Sons babka has improved over the past few years, but I haven’t gotten consistently good stuff from them and I didn’t care for their matcha babka.

Manresa Bread also has babkas, though I haven’t tried them.

Late to the party, but, Manresa Bread’s chocolate babka is ethereal. I’ve enjoyed babka for many, many, years and I have never had better.