Palisades Mall West Nyack NY Where Do You Go?

We had a include a thread running for many years on the NY State CH page. I see some of the names here that used to post and update it over time. There’s a few new places coming to the mall the Brazilian all you can eat place is due to open in March. There’s something else, but I can’t recall. So, when you are stuck in the mall and your hungry where do you go? Happy Hour at the Cheesecake Factory is decent that’s my top pick.

We always liked Stir Crazy, but I haven’t been in ages. Is it still there?

They closed before Christmas. I just saw a place not in the mall, but in Nanuet will be opening near the strip mall that holds Modells and Marhalls. sounds interesting. They have a location in Fairlawn.

Funny, MC, I started that thread years ago. Glad to see others are still interested! The Palisades Mall used to be a go-to place for us. Loved Stir Crazy and always shopped at many of the stores. Slowly the stores in that mall have closed and Stir Crazy is gone. The last time I was there it was almost deserted. I hope it regains it’s strength

We used to go to Stir Crazy as well, but stopped after they changed their AYCE model to a single-trip to the buffet model. We went in once after the change and our server outright lied to us about how the restaurant worked, so we walked out and never went back. It closed shortly thereafter.

Now we usually go to Buffalo Wild wings if we are avoiding carbs, Red Robin if we’re we’re throwing caution to the wind and eating french fries!

That’s a shame about Stir Crazy. When my kids were younger we actually made trips to the mall just to eat there! They’ll be sad to hear it closed.

Ah, Stir Crazy, we also miss it. My daughter had mastered the art of filling the wok with more vegetables than seemed humanly possible. She built out the bowl with snow peas and then piled everything on. We always got a laugh when we’d see people leaving the cooking station with plates barely full while hers was overflowing.

Their AYCE model was not how it worked originally and was destined to fail. Originally you got a single trip and that was it (which was really more than enough if you did it correctly). I remember one time I did a plate of food and didn’t care for it that much so the server just said I should make another one. I took the first home and had it for lunch during the week. I did enjoy their Blazing Noodles, which turn out to be pretty close to the Drunken Noodles at a local Chinese place (although they don’t use the Fresno peppers that SC did).

We ate at Yard House last weekend because we had not been there in a while and I picked up a couple of promo gift cards at the holiday, which combined with AMEX offers saved me a $50 on a $105 gift card (which can be used at other Darden properties). Anyway, it was OK but not as good as it had been in the past (we hadn’t been there in over a year). I really wanted to try the duck wings and they were OK but too heavily breaded (which I guess I should have expected given that their chicken wings are also heavily breaded). I used to order the Thai noodle salad and my wife usually got the burger with avocado and goat cheese and both of those have been removed from the menu.

The Brazilian place downstairs (I think where Restoration HW was) still has their “coming soon” sign. I wonder if they’re still planning to open?

I had read the Brazilian place was opening in March. About 6 months ago or so I took a peak in and the place was still gutted. I also read their menu. It’s AYCE, but it’s really pricey, you’d have to be able to eat a lot of meat to get your money’s worth.

Yeah, they’re typically AYCE and very expensive.

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