Palak Paneer

One of my favs when out, but never made it at home. Where do you get the cheese? Can you make it? I’ve seen recipes that recommend replacing it with feta.

What do you do?

Buy paneer at any Indian grocery store. I would definitely NOT substitute feta—for one thing, feta melts when you heat it, and for another, the taste is completely different and far stronger/sharper than paneer. Paneer has the consistency of extra-firm tofu and tastes more like cottage cheese, very mild.


Unfortunately none in my area. Any other ideas?

I can get paneer at the supermarket. No need for a schlep to a specialist shop.

Feta would not be a good substitution - texture & flavour is different from paneer. I have a local Asian restaurant that is entirely vegan. It uses tofu in dishes traditionally made with paneer. Might be worth a try if you can get that locally

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Thanks. Silky, firm, or extra firm?

Super easy to make and taste/texture is vastly superior to store bought.
Feta is NOT a reasonable Replacement.



Costco in central New Jersey carries paneer.

Heat Milk
Curdle with an acid (Lemon, Sour Salt or Vinegar)
Strain Whey
Shape and Press

Or many other explanations on the Interwebs


Many larger grocery stores or ones with a decent international selection carry paneer. Check Instacart for your area before you head out.

Making at home is not hard, it’s the same as homemade ricotta, just drained further and pressed.

Just no to tofu or feta.

Re the actual recipe, there are plenty out there, but I like mine heavy on garlic and with a double tempering.

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:+1: Make it yourself.

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No idea. I’ve never used tofu for anything.

Easy to make and so much better than packaged! I make it often - lots of scalded milk with yogurt and lemon to curdle, drain and wrap in cloth and put a heavy weight on for a few hrs.


If you can’t buy paneer locally, and can’t make paneer, make sag aloo instead. Spinach and potato.

I wouldn’t use feta or tofu in place of paneer.

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Wow that is an odd “Saag” Recipe. Seems like it should be “Palak” since it’s only green is Spinach.
Anywho, almost any Protein can be added in more traditional Saag or Palak in place of the Paneer.


Well, saag is really a catchall for leafy greens, so that’s not even my issue. Calling baingan aloo with wilted baby spinach “saag aloo”… that’s the real problem :joy:


Paneer is very firm, so I’d go with extra firm.

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So I got another Q… I get that paneer won’t melt, but it is kinda tasteless from what most cheeses offer. I love feta in spanakopita… so is this just about that it would melt?

No, it’s not about that it wouldn’t melt. It’s about that paneer is the ingredient used in the dish. Do you use feta in italian american lasagna because ricotta is bland?