Paddlefish Question

Paddlefish fishers out there, can you tell me why it is recommened that one not eat the ‘red meat’ of a paddlefish? Paddlefish season opens here tomorrow and I was wondering if the fish was edible. Yes it is, but not the red meat. Apparently the roe is desirable. I wonder if the red meat is acceptable as pet food. If you know, please tell! Thank you!

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We’ve never come across the meat. All we know from experience (Whole Foods at least once and other sources) is that the roe is a delicacy worth the experience:


This guy says the thin red layer should be removed because “when you cook it, it gets like brown and greasy” and doesn’t taste very good.

This would tend to me to at least lean toward it being a simple preference (rather than toxic or some such), but I wouldn’t risk a pet just on the basis of this one video - just thought you might enjoy the technique. I was really surprised to seem him just yank out the entire CNS cord like that.

I’d always heard they were endangered but I guess it depends on location.


Wow! What a tutorial! You’re right about that cord extraction. I guess it seems like a lot of work for the yield of edible product.
We have a neighbor who will be paddlefish fishing this week. I think I’ll pass on his offer of some of his catch.


The lowdown…
I don’t remember folks eating them; I’m with CCE in that i thought they were endangered too.

Is the red flesh a blood line? Those are not poisonous, but definitely not good eats in fish!

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