Pad Thai: its unusual origins

From my latest Atlas Obscura newsletter - thought the HO’ers would enjoy this read:

How Pad Thai began as a symbol of Thai nationalism after WWII – read about the political importance of this modest home-cooking noodle dish:


Interesting, but should this not go on the Culture board?

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I hope we aren’t commanded to eat burnt steak and McDonald’s as our national happy :smiley:
meal .


My late sister-in-law was Thai. She was borne there and came to the US in her 20s. We cooked together often. While we/she used a lot more rice than noodles pad Thai was part of what she grew up eating and cooking. My wife doesn’t tolerate soy well so we use chicken rather than tofu but always think of Lamoun over sweet noodles, egg, fish sauce, bean sprouts, and lime among many other dishes that are part of her legacy to us.

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