Pa Pa Kitchen, King Square, 9390 Woodbine Ave., Markham - A decent retail frozen food outlet

For lunch, try out their decent ‘quality/price’ ratio ( $ 9.99 ) frozen Cantonese Dim Sum platter, featuring an interesting array of diversified products:
Har Gow ( shrimp dumpling ), Siu Mai ( minced pork and shrimp dumpling ) , Lor Mai Gai ( lotus leaf wrapped, stuffed sticky rice with minced meat filling ), Mixed Shredded Veggie Dumpling, Minced Beef Ball, Yubba Skin Wrap, Lap-Cheung ( preserved Cantonese sun-dried Sausage ) Roll, Molten Egg Yolk Custard Bao>

A more than acceptable retail shop ’ frozen Dim Sum ’ product. Fairly priced with nicely seasoned and crafted products…though,

similar to other frozen products out there, skin wrappers for say the Har-Gow tend to be on a thickish side and filling less generous than restaurant quality.

Still, all-in-all, a filling, convenient and fairly enjoyable meal product.


Nice QPR and variety. I’d put the small items like hargow in later than the big items like lor mai gai to make sure they cook evenly.