P & K Delicatessen (Somerville)

P & K Deli is on the Somerville/Cambridge border a block down from from R.F. O’Sullivans. I’ve passed by there but never though to stop in. I don’t know why I decided to yesterday, but am glad I did. I had a great italian sub and will be back to try more of their sandwiches soon. The italian was what I’d call a classic old school italian sub. Nothing fancy, but everything you need. I almost wept when the owner started to slice all the meats, etc. fresh to order (I know, I need to get a life). My sub was delicious and I can’t immediately think of a better version in Camberville. I’d prefer this one over the drive to Bob’s. Monica’s is still my favorite, but that one is a bit more artisnal (and expensive). This huge sandwich was an exceptional value at $8. The roll was a bit soft for my tastes, but it was fresh. There were other bread options which I didn’t check out as I was happily distracted by this unexpected discovery.

The owner who made my sandwich, and the woman who rang me up (who I surmised his wife) were both warm and friendly. This is they type of neighborhood place that is becoming extinct in this area. I can’t wait to go back and try some of there other offerings. They did not appear to have a grill, but the chicken cutlet looked tempting as well. I can’t believe I have been missing out on this place.


Looks good but given the “classic old-school” description I think I see mortadella in there. My NJ-raised self has never reconciled with the New England insistence on ruining a perectly good Italian sub with bologna. :wink:

Does sound like a great find. How’s the bread?

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The roll was fresh and tasty, but a bit squishier than I prefer. There were some other bread options, including braided rolls. However I just ordered the Italian ‘as is’ on my first visit to get a baseline so I did not examine them too closely.

I love me some mortadella, but you are correct the Italian subs of my youth probably didn’t include that meat.

that does look good. I need to get one of those on my walk home sometime! Must support this place. I’ve had the meatball sub from there recently, and it was also pretty high quality.

I walk by there in the morning occasionally, and there’s usually a couple regulars in there hanging out and drinking coffee. Don’t see that too much anymore.

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thanks for the reminder on P & K. stopped in yesterday and got a Dagwood on a scali roll (which I think is a better choice than the sub roll). I mean, where can you get a Dagwood these days? The owner is really nice, and he makes a mean sandwich. Totally worth an occasional stop.

My pic isn’t as nice as yours, but for posterity:


What’s in the Dagwood? I see meat and cheese, but what kinds?

The scali roll does look promising.

it was turkey + roast beef

More fundamentally: What’s a Dagwood? What defines it?

As far as I know there is no specific definition–it’s just supposed to be a sandwich loaded with a couple of cold cuts. I think the variety can be mixed and matched.

I always thought a Dagwood was a multi layered sandwich with different fillings on each. I think it;s one of those things that’s open to wide interpretation though.

I love a turkey and roast beef sandwich, so no arguments from me on that version.

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According to Wikipedia (and other sources), it’s named after the Dagwood character in the Blondie comic strip:

I went to PK today, by the way. I had the least-Dagwoody thing possible: roast beef on a roll with mayo and tomato. It was fine (very tender meat), and I, too, was pleased that they sliced it to order. They did have mounds of other meats sitting pre-sliced, though: ham, salami, etc.


We got Italians from P&K last week and really liked them. Service was friendly and pleasant. Meats are cut to order, there’s a nice ratio of chopped pickles and onions and hots to meat and cheese, and the bread is flavorful and super fresh. We’ll definitely return.