Oysters - one buck apiece - Eater Houston

Comments, anyone?

Oof, I only eat raw oysters between Thanksgiving and Easter, and I don’t really like them cooked as much.

Also, look at that map - all the places are on the west side. That just strikes me, not sure how.

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Look at it this way: if you were opening an oyster bar, wouldn’t you open it as close as you could get to a guy named Ostiones?

Edited to add: I wrote that note before looking at the article. While they’re all west of downtown, they’re also all inside the loop. EaterHouston writers must all be walker/bicyclers as they rarely seem to venture beyond the safety of the 610 force field.


Lambsy I generally agree on the dates although I might push it back a bit in the fall and extend it a little in the spring depending on water temps factoring in it takes up to ten days for the oysters to hit the restaurants.

This being said we’re heading to Monument Inn next weekend and raw and fried will be eaten.


Good point! Yes, we know there must be lots of ostiones restaurants over the other side of downtown. I see “EaDo” is getting more and more popular as restaurants like Nancy’s Hustle and Rodeo Goat are exploding in popularity.

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I wish Monument Inn served boiled blue crabs in the summer like Angelo’s and San Jacinto Inn did back in the day except few eat crabs because they’re too much “work” for the crawfish crowd.

The only places I know to get blue crabs are Benno’s in Galveston, Stingaree in Crystal Beach, and the Asian places in Chinatown or you can do your own getting live ones in Seabrook or virtually any Asian grocery.

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This has been a problem with the foodie media here for a long time.

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There’s a Capt. Tom’s on I-10 East, not far inside BW 8. I know there used to be an Arandas Ostioneria on I-10 - don’t know if it’s still there. Possibly also a Pappas Seafood House??? There’s one of those down on 45. Bound to be other small places like Mar Azul over here close to me on the East side. And I remember there was a big Cajun place over there too.