Oysters - Monmouth county, nj

I have a hardcore yen for oysters. Anyone have a favorite spot? I am off tomorrow and would love to get some!

I can’t eat them, but friends love both The Bonny Read (on Cookman Ave and they may have happy hour specials) and the Asbury Oyster House in Convention Hall…

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I’ve heard (but I don’t see it on their web site so I suggest calling in advance) that the Beach Tavern has $1. oyster(s) at happy hour. It’s a great place to enjoy them, however I’m not endorsing much from the kitchen.

Avenue in Long Branch has always had a good oyster selection, however you will pay the Avenue “tax”.


Oh good suggestion. I would go back to the Beach Tavern for a drink and oysters but yes, other food I have gotten has left something to be desired.

@CurlzNJ Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll look into those.


Avenue has oysters for $1.80 during their happy hour. I favor them (same as others, for oysters and drinks only) and The Bonney Read, which offers $1.50 oysters during happy hour.

I can walk to Beach Tavern but don’t unless others in my merry band of misfits insist.


That’s some great info on Avenue, I had no idea they discounted them for happy hour! That’s the top pick now!!


Figured I should post an update on this. I got my oyster fix at 26 West on the Navasink in Red Bank. On Tuesday’s they do $1 East Coast oysters. Not as briney as I like but they were tasty. They also run a few other raw bar specials and rose discounts. Here is a pic, ignore the pacifier haha!


Nice glad you enjoyed them!! Also thanks for the tip, I didn’t know they had that special. Do they have non-east coast too at a discounted price? I know they have an all you can eat mussels night, which I should try one night. Did they open the roof top bar yet?

Nope, sadly on non-west coast specials. I usually prefer the west coast varieties but I really wanted them so these scratched the itch. And regular oysters are $4 PER! OUCH. Roof bar didn’t appear to be open which is a shame. They are going to lose the whole summer.

Here are other specials: https://www.26westonthenavesink.com/specials

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We ended up at the Marina Grille in Belmar yesterday (a beach town we NEVER visit during the summer). Service was awful but the view is nice. The place is enormous They do an all day happy hour on Sundays which includes $1 East Coast oysters among other things. If you go, look over your bill before you pay. Our server charged us the full price for tacos on the happy hour menu. That correction took at least 10-15 minutes to get sorted…

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Was at Avenue for their all-night Friday happy hour. Everything on their bar menu is half off. As always, the oysters were top notch! The other stuff was just okay. The sliders were way overdone: hockey pucks. They have the nerve to charge $8 for french fries (not on bar menu but we wanted them to go with our hockey pucks). The portion was the equivalent of a single potato. Extortion! And so my love/hate relationship with Avenue continues. Happy hour drinks and oysters only from this day forth!

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The only time I ever go here is if someone else is paying lol

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