Oysters - in or around NJ

Where do you get yours? Got this nice sampler of 5 different kinds at brick wall, Asbury Park. 1$ each all day Tuesday and during happy hour!

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I can’t eat them, but friends who do really love the place in Convention Hall (the name of which escapes me…). I also watched one of them as she stood slurping them up at the market counter at Mr. Shrimp, where they were happy to shuck them as she waited.

Convention Hall = Asbury Oyster Bar, I sampled some of their offerings at the Oyster Fest a few weeks ago.

To answer @joonjoon I get mine anywhere and everywhere the mood strikes me. Here’s my parameters:

Not a big fan of larger oyster, having to chew more than 1 or 2x’s starts to cross the Jr ewwwww line for me. Because of that I try to shy away from bluepoints unless I can hand pick them like at a raw bar.

My current favorites are kumo’s however I refuse to pay over $3 per oyster. Most places have them for between $2-3 however if you charge $3.05 + I consider your pricing to be predatory in nature and will not purchase!

Speaking of price points I have yet to be anywhere that serves $1 oysters so I would like to hit that sometime somewhere.

I’m also a big fan of oyster shooters which I haven’t seen since the good ole Manhattan Steak House days, anyone come across those? Yes, I would pay more than $3 per for an oyster shooter!

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They have oyster shooters at Delaware Avenue Oyster House & Bar in Beach Haven on LBI

Thank you!! (day late and dollar short though…lol)

I am not a fan of large oysters that you can’t slurp down in one go. We got these a little lovelies a ways away from New Jersey, Bangkok to be exact. The shells were about 5 inches long. I’m lousy with descriptions, I can only say that these had the perfect oyster taste that I’ve rarely come across.

At 120 baht (usd$3.63 ea), very expensive by Thai pricing standards. Wife and I both agreed these were well worth every baht.

Variety of sauces/condiments on side, did not need any.

Garnished with some sprigs of water mimosa, a vegetable I’ve yet to see in the USA.

I just gagged looking at those!! Thank you for sharing and I’m certainly happy you enjoyed but those would give me nightmares.

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Whoa look at those beauties!! Now I understand why they call those shrooms oyster mushrooms.

By the way, I am not an oyster expert, but I’ve always found that I’m not a fan of the creamy oysters. Today’s oyster platter from Brickwall had 2 west coast oysters in them, and both were clearly inferior to the east coast ones. You can see in my pic, the “bad” ones are the last 4 clockwise. The bottom two were all shriveled up and messed up like torn rags. No liquor. Flavor was ok but it made me question why it was that way. The two before that were plump, but again no liquor. They were described on the menu as creamy and they were extremely creamy, almost having the texture of ricotta. And the flavor was really hard to stomach. Pretty vomit inducing for me.

Now I’ve always been a little averse to creamy oysters (kumamotos are tough for me) so I can’t tell if these oysters are supposed to be this way or were just nearing the end of their life.

Anyone have any advice on how to tell when an oyster is beat?

@NotJrvedivici Bonney Read in Asbury has oyster shooters. I would also recommend getting the dollar oysters at Brickwall and ordering a bloody mary and making your own. They have a really tasty BM there.

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How could you not think those oysters are beautiful… I can’t stop staring at them, almost like when I first discovered dirty magazines.

Only place I’ve seen really big oysters has been at Faidleys in Baltimore. They have monster oysters that are like the size of the palm of my hand.


The top three of the top pic are fine to me, the lower three start to test my limit. The one’s GG posted seriously will haunt me in my sleep.


I like Brickwall. Especially on Tuesdays. :+1::+1::+1:

Bonney Read also used to have $ 1 oysters on Wednesdays, but I see they’ve upped this to $ 1.50.

I think Keyport Fishery has the best fried oysters in our area.

In the city I like the Oyster Bar at Grand Central for a pan roast. I do pan roasts at home sometimes too.

Have not had good luck with oysters at Whole Foods, ShopRite, etc in our area.

I will also go to Lusty’s sometimes and get a 100 count bag to split with a friend or two. Usually these are Chesapeakes.

When we get a bag like that we usually also grill some. Clams are good on the grill too.

Thank you, because I looked at them and thought, “WOW! They look so much like mushrooms…” But the idea of an oyster mushroom never entered my brain. :astonished:

Any chance that was due to poor shucking?

(Yes, I do know that for someone who can’t eat oysters, I seem to have a lot to say on the topic…)

Jr I take it you’re not a geoduck fan? Lol

I’ve never tried one and don’t really feel the need to!

The best oyster place I have been to in NJ is The Blue Point Grill in a Princeton. They are not cheap, but quality is always good and they usually have around 10 different varieties. My wife and I usually stick to east coast/colder water oysters as we like brinier oysters. We never get Kumamoto for example. We’ll get a dozen sampler of what they recommend as the briniest and then zero in on the one or two we like for another dozen or 2. Their seafood dishes are also very good.

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Harry’s Oyster Bar @ Ballys AC., Happy Hour 4-6:30 Monday thru Friday buck a shuck.