Oyster vending machines.


Maybe I’m old fashioned but I’m not sure I’d trust oysters from a vending machine.

My assumption is they are not shucked and thus easier to keep fresh in a refrigerated machine.

Although that begs the question is there a machine that dispenses an oyster knife, or do all french men have a “French Army Knife” with just a corkscrew and oyster knife; and is there an option to add a lemon or a coulee of shallots and some vinegar…

What I do find interesting is that there are lots of little oyster shacks around that area and when we stayed there it seemed quite easy to get oysters at most times of the day. Its a bit of a sleepy place so not certain how demand will go.

It’s the same format that you buy from shops, market or supermarket, in a wooden box. They will live for up to a week easily or even 2 in a cool place. Of course, they aren’t shucked.

We have visited Ile-de-Ré 2-3 times a few years ago, friends have a house there. In summer time, it is basically the Parisians arriving and renting houses on the island. The villages are very calm and relaxing with beautiful landscapes and sleepy salt fields, no night life, no discotheques. I will ask the same question, is there enough demand? If people are going there, they will prefer to buy from producers or in the market and talk to seller, instead of buying in an impersonal way from a machine, like in the big cities when you are in a hurry. But on the other hand, Sundays, or public holidays, they might be of great use.

The rental houses are equipped with oyster knifes, after all you are in Ile-de-Ré!
If not, you can always go to buy in shops or borrow from neighbours. My husband is a French man that has a pocket knife on him all the time, but it is only him. I don’t see the French here doing the same.

Ok, so I"m imagining similar to a lunch room vending machine where you can get a pre-made tuna sandwich, this is “vending” a pre-assembled “bushel” of oysters. Novel idea however it has to be in an area where foot traffic would generate enough demand for an oyster vending machine.

I’m from NJ we have vending machines everywhere, and although I’m a big oyster fan, I can’t imagine myself pulling off the NJ Turnpike at the Vince Lombardi rest area to go to the bathroom and get a quick bushel of oysters. Maybe it’s just me…

University dorms and office lunchrooms would be ideal. Or 24-hour gas stations. The possibilities are endless.

We have a nicer upscale mall near us and there is a caviar vending machine there. It sells both mid range and high end caviar, plus other items like escargot. And yes, people do buy from it.

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Houston guy here and I have an oyster knife, although oysters are my favorite food. I’d definitely try the machines, beats a fifty mile drive to Galveston Bay.

I’ve seen those in Florida !!

We do not have, and never have had as far as I know, a 24 hour oyster bar - an egregious civic defect as far as I’m concerned.

I’m nowhere near the night owl I used to be but I can see making use of one of those on occasion.

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