Oyster farm options? [Norcal]


What are the options for shucking your own oysters near the Bay Area? Drakes closed. TBOC ran into permit issues and shut down the picnic area. Hog Island is an option. I have heard people buying oysters from the farms and bringing them across the bay to Tomales Bay State Park to grill/ shuck.

Are there other options?

Tamales Bay Oyster Co. - has outdoor BBQ grills/tables etc. You buy them there and shuck your own
Can be really busy at weekends but oysters are good

Unfortunately Tomales Bay Oyster Co (TBOC) got into trouble with Marin County. The county said that the original use permit did not allow picnics, on-site eating, etc. and asked TBOC to remove all the picnic tables and grills. There is a petition to try to appeal to Marin County to change its mind. For the time being, shucking at TBOC isn’t possible.

If the question is where to eat the oysters you buy at TBOC or Hog Island, Millerton Point is a lot closer than Tomales Bay State Park (it’s actually part of TBSP, but on the eastern side of the bay). It’s just south of TBOC; I know they have picnic tables, and I think they have grills. Lovely spot, and in my experience it doesn’t tend to be crowded.


Thank you. Someone on the web confirmed grills are available.

Too bad. We had a grand time eating their oysters on site.