Oyster deal Pappas on Shepherd, Houston como siempre

6.95 Blue Points all day Monday-Thursday.

It’s going to be oysters and more oysters as the rest of the menu is stupid expensive.

Forty dollar farm raised redfish, please.

Eighteen dollar shrimp po boy, please.

Maybe they’ll throw a loaf of bread our way and I won’t feel guilty eating it.



I went with a longtime friend today and it was as advertised, cold salty Blue Points perfectly shucked retaining all the delicious liquor at the bargain price of 6.95.

I had two dozen but he punked out and only had one. He also had a grilled shrimp salad and while the shrimp were reported to be good he said the salad was swimming in Caesar dressing and barely touched it.

I also had half an oyster po boy with seven plump fried oysters at the bargain price of 10 bucks. The bread that came with the meal was delicious.


After the excitement of the oysters I was driving down Washington and somehow the car autosteered into the El Tiempo parking lot.

Emiliano was there and made me a perfect skinny margarita without asking what I wanted. The manager was impressed.

The goal was just one and then Emilio comes in. The talk as always turned to World War II with an emphasis on eclectic movies. The place was dead so we could chat freely and we even delved into Blazing Saddles as we and the other bar patron agreed could never, ever be made today.

I was there about three hours and held the margarita count to two.


You are a better man than I.

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Not eclectic, but it’s Mitchum as Bull Halsey and Nimitz, err . . .HFonda:

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Midway, good movie.

One of my favorites that we didn’t discus is In Harm’s Way, nearly everyone dies including Kirk Douglas, the Penguin from the Batman TV show, Archie Bunker, John Wayne’s kid in the movie, and a few others.

The Duke got off lucky, he only lost a leg.


And then there’s Mitchum serving in the Atlantic in The Enemy Below.

“Because he’s the Captain”:

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I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast, for I intend to go in harm’s way.

John Paul Jones

All the Pappas restaurants used to participate in the lower prices on oysters, but not now. I went to Pappas Seafood in Katy and no dice. And they had a lunch buffet! Ordered from the menu, but that location is pretty bad.

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lunch buffet!

Wow, a buffet at a Pappa’s restaurant, unheard of and usually a sign of desperation. What’s next, kids eat free on Tuesday and Wednesday nights?

Did you get a look at it? I’m guessing the usual suspect shrimp dishes of boiled, fried, and pasta probably made with farm raised instead of real Gulf shrimp. The only way they could lure me outside my sanctuary of the inner Beltway is if they had big, fat, salty oysters and that’s not going to happen.

Pappas and King Fish Market both had all you can eat lobster for around 45 bucks back when I was courting the Wifeacita and we’ve been married 11 years. King Fish upped the ante with shrimp and grilled mahi mahi. I think I maxed out at 5 lobsters.

Come to think of it, the restaurant we went to was a Landry’s Seafood (of the same family), not Pappas Seafood. The place was a little shabby and had an odd odor. The buffet was as expected and $15. Even so, not too many people taking advantage of it. They really ought to close the location if they can’t keep the quality up. We used to stop at the Pappas Seafood on I-45 South next to a Pappasito’s. It is bright and clean and usually packed. They have a lovely cold seafood salad we like, in two sizes. Not so at the Katy Landry’s location, but it’s what we were expecting. It’s a completely different restaurant concept.

But I had a credit at any Landry’s restaurant from their rewards program. They give you $25 birthday dollars and credit for purchases at any Landry’s restaurant and we like Brenner’s and Vic and Anthony’s on occasion. So at least the $50 credit covered the food.

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