Oyama BBQ, Pleasant Hill

This is a Chinese style skewer restaurant in pleasant hill. We went last night and really enjoyed it. Our favorite were the A-vegetable skewers. The A-vegetable was smeared with a sauce of cumin, Sichuan pepper, red pepper with sweetness and umami. It was really addicting. We also got the lamb, beef, garlic skewers and the grilled scallops. Everything was excellent and we would go back. I took pictures but am having trouble uploading them after the last iPhone update.

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Great to hear!

Looks like they have some Dongbei specialties under “stir fry”. Whoa, cumin chicken bone is a rarity, to have it in Pleasant Hill is a treat!

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We will try the Dongbei specialties next time we are there. We did try one of the fried rice dishes and thought it was just ok.

“Pork in scoop” is Dongbei style sweet and sour pork.

Hot candied sweet potato usually arrives molten at the table, and you dip it in water to crystallize sugar

Cumin chicken bones I had in SGV were amazing but ungodly salty/umami; local ones not so much. Be warned :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing about it!

Huh, the owner of Beit Rima left a very positive Yelp review :slight_smile:

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Has anyone tried Allie Daddy’s BBQ in San Leandro? I’m wondering how it compares to Oyama. What about Fire Point BBQ & Noodles in Fremont?

Back in June 2017 I was traveling down in Southern CA and had the opportunity to try Wudi Kebob in Rowland Heights… anybody seen a similar spot here in the Bay Area with the self-turning skewers?