Over the top Patty Melt at Rothbard Ale + Larder (Westport CT)

I was invited to sample new additions to this place that serves interpretations of Central European cuisine, brats, schweinehaxe, schnitzel. The owners know I love burgers and we started talking about their Patty Melt. I told them to crank one up and let me try it.

Great decision. Two small patties are grilled and then served on butter rye bread with caramelized onions, bacon, and melted Jarlsberg cheese. The bread is cut on the diagonal and nestled inside each half is a mini-patty, smothered in its accompaniments. The two thin patties were cooked to medium, still maintained a pink interior and were rich in flavor. The Jarlsberg cheese was thick, beautifully melted and delivered a wonderful level of creaminess and a deep, rich nuttiness. The caramelized onions were outstanding, sweet and soft from their low and slow preparation and when it intertwined with the mildly salty bacon delivered a wonderful balance. People nervous about the bread versus bun…no need to worry, the buttered and griddled bread added great crunch and a wonderful salty-butter flavor.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

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