Over Easy Kitchen, Marlboro and new Holmdel location

Has anyone tried Over Easy Kitchen at either location? Breakfast or lunch? I stopped by the new Holmdel location for a menu. The space is very comfortable. They take reservations for six or more. Hours 8-3 daily.


The Marlboro location is our go-to breakfast spot. Good, scratch-made food.

Any stand out dishes we should try?

do they not have menu online or am I missing it somehow?


From Marlboro. Since I was at the Holmdel Towne Center I stopped by for the menu in Holmdel and to take a peek at the place. I have never been. A magazine led me to the Marlboro write up and their website announced a new Holmdel location. I dont know what the interior in Marlboro looks like but Holmdel was shinny new, concrete funky with open kitchen dining area.

I’ve had the steak and eggs and the special french toast and both were always good. They are a bit expensive and their portions are good but not expansive.

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That fancy burrata sounds like heaven to me.

The benedict sounded good so did the vegan stack. I will report back.

Reporting back on our first breakfast experience at Over Easy Kitchen, Holmdel.

We ordered two plates of brioche french toast and the burrata benedict, an Americano, one tea pot, one regular coffee. With tip and non cash payment charge of $2. we dropped $59. Crazy.

My own homemadefrench toast far surpasses the two plates we ordered, the benedict consisted of a burnt piece of bread buried under an over dressed mixed green salad topped with two poached eggs, a small piece of burrata and a few slices of avocado. Please…

One and done sorry to say.

I tip my hat to the folks who designed the dining space, its very comfortable.

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Wow. That is spendy for breakfast and a charge for using a CC on top. Thanks for taking one for the home team. Was it busy? Although I haven’t been as wildly thrilled with Turning Point in the last few years, it is always above average and I don’t feel the prices are excessive.

Turning Point has a larger menu too. The place was 1/3 filled. The coffee/bagel AM hotspot Greg wrote about in the same Holmdel center was awesome compared to our first exp. at OEK. Dropped $15 there and had food for four people. That $59 tab was for 3 people.


Check out the Over Easy Kitchen “Avo Roll”. Crab stick, tempura shrimp, avocado, assorted cheese omelette in a whole wheat wrap with toasted crumbs, spicy aioli mayo and chili sauce served sushi style. Yowza.


That looks incredible :heart:

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