Many folks have expressed their love for the bread, pastries, sandwiches, dishes at Outerlands. I love them as well, though I want to highlight one of the less mentioned food offered at the restaurant- their pickled vegetables.

Their pickled vegetables that accompany their sandwiches and dishes are excellent. Pickled onion, pickled cauliflower, pickled cucumber, pickled carrots they are just great, add a great punch to the meats without overpowering them or wincing in agony from the sourness, a wonderful melody of briny and vinegary goodness that brighten up the entire dish. If they sell pickled vegetables to go I’d happily grab a bunch.

Their salted caramel with fleur de sel and vanilla is also great.

We usually grab an early lunch there (during a weekday) before grabbing a bunch of pastries to go and heading to the zoo (that’s for the kid). the pastries of course, make a truly gourmet snack in the zoo.

What else do folks like there?