Many folks have expressed their love for the bread, pastries, sandwiches, dishes at Outerlands. I love them as well, though I want to highlight one of the less mentioned food offered at the restaurant- their pickled vegetables.

Their pickled vegetables that accompany their sandwiches and dishes are excellent. Pickled onion, pickled cauliflower, pickled cucumber, pickled carrots they are just great, add a great punch to the meats without overpowering them or wincing in agony from the sourness, a wonderful melody of briny and vinegary goodness that brighten up the entire dish. If they sell pickled vegetables to go I’d happily grab a bunch.

Their salted caramel with fleur de sel and vanilla is also great.

We usually grab an early lunch there (during a weekday) before grabbing a bunch of pastries to go and heading to the zoo (that’s for the kid). the pastries of course, make a truly gourmet snack in the zoo.

What else do folks like there?

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Grilled cheese ($12) with tomaot ($2) on their thick rustic bread. Nicely grilled in a cast iron skillet with a touch of garlic and sea salt. My friends had the bacon/egg/arugula sandwich on brioche bun and raved abot it.


How’s the wait during lunch these days? I’ve not been back since I never seem to be in the city during weekdays. And I dread the weekend wait.

This was on a Friday at 11:30 and there was still a 20 minute wait so I imagine the weekends are still brutal.

Outerlands were a favorite of my wife and she always wanted to go back when around Sunset, but hadn’t had a chance to go for a few years. We got some takeout recently to eat at the zoo, and promptly wished we tried Palm City instead.

The trout toast was unbalanced. The trout was pretty good. Its salty, which was expected, but the rest of the sandwich was just really sour, to the extent that pretty much all we tasted was overwhelming salt and acid.


Breakfast sandwich was ok.

Avocado toast was decent. Though I’d argue again the pickle was too overpowering. Their pickles used to be the star of the sandwiches and add just the right amount of acid to balance out the flavors of the rest of the sandwich. Now the pickles are like your weird uncle trying to fit in a party and ended up cracking a bunch of awkward jokes instead.

Dutch pancake was unmemorable.

The highlight was the squash soup- sweet, savory and inviting. Ironically the cheapest item on the order.

At least in the next zoo trip I will have free reign to try other restaurants around Sunset :smiley:

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