Outer Cape Dining 2021?

Heading to Wellfleet/Truro early August. Any info from Onioners on what’s open, what’s good, what’s new, what’s dependable beyond the usuals? We no longer eat at Arnold’s because owner is a big Trump donor. Sorry. We love Lobster Pot in P-town always. But what else can we find that is not really really high-end dining, but for sure a cut above the usual fried clams. Any hidden gems? Or should we plan to just cook at home?


I didn’t know this but last summer Arnold was such an absurd ZOO that we would drive right by and go to my tried and true favorite on the Cape (Sir Crickets in Orleans). I don’t know about their political beliefs but they certainly aren’t boasting anything in either direction.

We are debating a week on the Cape in August if we can get it together (and if anything is left!) Looking forward to updates on this thread!

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We are heading back in September, so thank you for starting this discussion!
We have the Wicked Oyster on the list.
And in Orleans we like the Rock Harbor Grill

The rest of our favs are more casual, Macs and Pearls, both on the Pier, PJ,s the Knack at the rotary in Orleans. Looking forward to some new suggestions too.

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OK. Putting out another request for dining info in Wellfleet, Truro & Orleans because we’re headed there in early August. Where have you eaten? Was it good? Did you make a reservation? Given the staffing and hiring difficulties, we’re totally prepared to make dinner reservations well in advance. What do you suggest? What might alternatives be for one of our party who cannot eat fish? Thanks in advance for any inside info.