Outback Steakhouse (Middletown)

I remember this came up a few weeks ago in the Texas Roadhouse thread. I’ve had a $100 gift card I’d been sitting on for the last six months. Finally used it last night. First time there since I was a teenager. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. Dare I say it, perhaps even impressed.


We started out with the ubiquitous Bloomin’ Onion that does nothing but instill feelings of loathing and self-hatred as the group tears their way through this 2,000 calorie behemoth. It was much saltier than I remember, but it got the job done.


I had the 9 oz sirloin with grilled shrimp combo. The shrimp were average in flavor and portion, but my steak was cooked to perfection. I asked for medium rare. Didn’t even need a knife to cut it. My mom had the same thing as I, only a smaller steak and the coconut shrimp. She’s not a big steak eater but loved it. My bf loved his Bloomin’ Burger. They too cooked it exactly how he asked. It was massive. A large burger topped with bits of Bloomin’ Onion, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and sauce.


All of that plus a wine for my mom and two Fosters each for he and I, and it came to $96 (excluding tip). I have driven past this place for years. They are always PACKED. We waited a half hour which is unusual for any restaurant in this area which is usually dead by 8 PM. I feel guilty, but I really enjoyed it. Guess that’s why they always have droves of people hanging all over the place waiting for a table.


We swore off Outback after 3 or 4 very disappointing dinners there. Last time was maybe 5 years ago. I’m not doubting your word, but it’s gonna take some corroboration to get me to try again.

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That’s what happened to my family and I with Longhorn Steakhouse. Closest one to me is Woodbridge. One average experience followed by an awful one which was made worse by indifferent and rude service. I don’t even remember the issue anymore, but years later, I have never been back and cringe when I pass by.

I suppose I should insert that we live in Southern California. While Outback is a national chain, maybe their quality varies depending on regional meat suppliers?? One can hope.

That could be the case. All chains vary by location.

Take Applebee’s for instance. In Pennsylvania they are deplorable. In New Jersey, only disgusting. :smiley:


Glad you had an enjoyable experience, as I said in the Roadhouse thread, I put Outback and Texas Roadhouse on about the same level and Longhorn a notch below. If I’m traveling and don’t know of any other better local choices I’ll stop at an Outback/TR for a steak and rarely if every leave disappointed.

I enjoy the Outback. Love that black bread.

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Good point, Outback does have excellent individual pumpernickel breads.

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Actually went to Outback in KCMO w/a gift card about a month ago and there wasn’t a thing wrong with the food or service. Beer was very cold too.

I haven’t been to an Outback in about 15 years, but I used to love the ‘shrimp on the barbie’ on that delicious toasted garlic pumpernickel bread. I don’t know if they still have that on the menu anymore. I also enjoyed the heart clogging crispy ‘bloomin onion’. I remember that their steaks were nice & highly seasoned. I’m sure it’s changed a lot since then.