Our Pets and Their Gourmet Palates

Care to share your pet’s preferences for HUMAN food items? Sirloin burgers? Cantaloupe? Greek salad? Cajun popcorn?
The boys in this post have persnickety tastes: Chester the ginger cat loves cheddar cheese, the older, the better. Bandit, the B&W job loves his ice cream with no ill effects. Owen, seen here keeping my catnip tea leaf harvest ‘warm’, prefers just one taste of any lunch meat. Turkey Pastrami seems to be on the top of the list. I’ve already mentioned the Dungeness crab crazy felines we had growing up. Bless their little paws.

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Cheese. Also, cheese.


My late Buster used to eat the kibble that would auto-drop on a timer, BUT he wouldn’t eat any canned cat food. So he got chicken tenders or b/s chicken breasts that I’d cook in the microwave, and then shred in a small food processor and keep the shreds (and any chicken juice that leached from the tenders/breast) in small containers in the fridge to feed him while his brother, Alfie, would wolf down his own canned food. Sometimes Alfie would eat so fast he’d have time to go eat Buster’s chicken so I’d have to toe him out of the way and tell him NO.

Buster loved bits of American cheese - he could hear me unwrap the Kraft singles from upstairs and would come running. Whereas Alfie wanted nothing to do with it. Buster LOVED to lick my ice cream bowl and would scream bloody murder at me while I was eating it until I put the bowl down on the floor. Same for cereal - he wanted the rest of the milk - or at least a taste of it.

They would both eat bits of chicken that fell off the bones and cooked mashed carrots when I made chicken stock, as does my current cat, Finnegan, although he doesn’t like too many carrots.

Here’s Buster (gray & white with the white Nike “Swoop” on his face) and Alfie (Cow Cat), and Alfie with Finnegan the Cattorist (although he’s less a cattorist now that his stepbrother, Alfie, is gone). And yes, Alfie would lie on top of Finny on the back of the couch to groom him, until Finn decided he had enough cat spit on his head and would say ENOUGH and bite the crap out of Alfie.

Finny will get a new stepbrother soon, as he misses having a buddy in the house when Mom is at work.


Pixel loves hams, style jambon de paris, obsessed with chicken breast, especially blanc de poulet, I think it’s called chicken ham, very thinly sliced. He eats roasted lamb, and raw beef (cut in small cubes) and at times Mortadella. He likes cheese generally, but has a bit more preference with Parmesan. He eats more tuna fish in cans (I mean ours) than us! He is crazy about green olives, plays with them for 10 minutes by rolling them everywhere and running after them, before eating them in 2 seconds. Also like bonito flakes and double cream.

Naa, he doesn’t like my cooking.

What a cat!


My original cat (i.e., the first one I owned as an adult) didn’t care about people food at all. Unless you count chunk lite tuna in water as people food. A bowl of Iams and a can of tuna a day was her regimen. I know some say tuna isn’t good for cats, but she lived to age 21, so I don’t think it hurt her.

My other two monsters, sisters born on the streets of Philly, were different though. They both enjoyed Iams and tuna. But Malgato was a chicken fiend, loved a nice steak or roast even though I explained to her that cats don’t eat cows and once even stole the end of an Italian hoagie right out of my hand. Mole was more of a bacon cat, but liked an occasional chicken sample. They were both big fans of milk, ice cream and whipped cream. And ice (had to watch my iced drinks when they were around. They only lived 19 and 18 years respectively.

Haven’t adopted a new one yet. Guess I’m waiting for one to stroll through my door.


I once managed to go a mere 6 days before bringing in a new step-sib cat. The grief from the survivor kitty is always so strong.


Yeah, when we lost Buster, Alfie (and I) were good for about a month before I started looking and found Finn. Finn’s only been in the house WITH Alfie, so he’s not used to not having someone to snuggle / fight with.

I’ll start visiting a couple of shelters in April some time when the weather settles down.


Loved her desserts: carrot cake and rosace a l’orange, especially when proffered to her on a fork. Stole cantaloupe cubes and spare ribs. She also enjoyed sitting up, literally, in her own seat at the dining table when guests came for dinner. Never got up on the table. Never stirred from her seat. She was very attentive to the conversations.

Another cantaloupe girl. Also loved tomatoes, peel and all. I couldn’t leave any out on the counter to ripen.


Executive chef and all around enforcer. RIP.

The girl on the left loves any kind of freeze dried fish or fish flakes, like bonito. Her late step-brother, on the right, loved salmon. No other kind of fish. Tuna left him unimpressed.

The baby picture of the newest step-brother. Feline juvenile delinquent. His interest in plating is confined to breaking them. Whenever and however he can. The finer the tableware, the better. And wine glasses. I believe he has a secret deal with Replacements. The first night he was home, he tried to get into (literally) an opened bottle of beer. I’ve never seen a cat even sniff alcohol before. Likes licking plates that have pasta sauce remaining. Has eaten sautéed onion. Loves everyone -he’s half cat, half Velcro. Will sample your ice cream. You have no choice but to remain vigilant.


What adorable cats you all have! Such sophisticated palates, too.

Time for the canine community to represent. Biscuit likes most any human food she can get, but the most regrettable thing (for us) is that she’s wild about seafood.

Lobster, especially.


I accidentally dropped a morsel of lobster on the kitchen floor just once. Big mistake. Now she lets us know anytime, anywhere she catches a whiff of lobster. :laughing:

ETA: Kitty food isn’t safe either. When we visit anyone with a cat, Biscuit thinks the stuff in the cute little bowl is an appetizer. For her.


They are smarter than we are - after all, we work; they don’t


My favorite breed! My old cat was a pocket–always attached to my hip.


We have four cats (which is at least one cat too many.)

Mugsy desires all things noodles and cheese. And tacos. And steak. and salmon. and tuna. And icecream. And butter. And Ritz Crackers

Liza only desires raspberry-flavored things. Yogurt, popsicles, sorbet… anything else she has zero interest in.

Sasha isn’t interested in people food at all, but will give you the most FORLORN AND PATHETIC looks to game some of the crappy Iams/Purina we keep for the couple of neighborhood strays who hang in our yard. Also, he likes to lick your toes while getting butt scratches…

Henry wants no people food. He wants to be first at the foodbowl because he’s the biggest, but other than that, all Henry wants is uppies from my partner. He’s like a 3 yr old that must be constantly held and carried. We are considering getting him a baby bjorn.


Is that possible?


Only if the condo board finds out. Or the landlord. Or animal control, of course.


One of the (few) joys of home ownership in an animal-friendly community.


It is. Here’s the calculations:

Basic rule: you are allowed one more regular pet than you have people living in your space. I.e. if you live alone you may have two cats. If there are three people in the house, four cats.

This is ONLY VALID up to five. Anything more than 5, you are either an animal rescue or crazy cat person.

In our case, my partner had two cats, brother and sister, adopted together. She lived in Sacramento.

I had one, a stray that decided I was his new owner. This was in Portland OR.

Then, another random stray showed up at partner’s house, walked in and wouldn’t leave. Suddenly, 3 cats, one over the acceptable limit.

Then I and my one moved in, which is four cats which is too damned many. Changing all the boxes is a huge PITA. Vet appointments become weeklong marathons. The hair and puke are infinite.

We will, of course, be utterly devastated if any should pass (and they’re all 10+ years old).

But we likely won’t move to immediately replace the first two.


That’s what holds me back from replacing mine. There is a section of the basement that is unfinished and so a perfect spot for the litter. But it’s so far removed from my trash bins in the garage. Not to mention, the guy who does the annual maintenance on the heater is not a big fan of the amount of the dust that finds its way into the unit.

use the recycled newpaper pellets. much MUCH less airborne dust. Not scoopable, but you just pull the whole bag at the end of the week and toss it, refill fresh.

I have tried regular clay, scooping, not scooping, clumping, crystals… newprint pellets. cheapest, least amount of tracked litter throughout the house. (there is ALWAYS some.)

Maybe that was my problem . . . I was a daily scooper and they were frequent poopers.

That’s what we use. Because of the dust.