Our Paris trip report

hope to add later pictures -

Dinner at perception - Outstanding ! We loved every second, great enthusiastic service by the two guys running the front, very clever tasting menu and cuisine by the (now very interesting) Korean born chef. We took the 8 course option, nice portions, we were “stuffed” and very happy at the end, good bottle of white Saint-Bris helped that. Everything was “on spot” at least for us, and i think this place truly deserves getting a star, it’s far from cheap now but well priced in my opinion, guess it will be unfortunately much more expensive if they keep the good work.

Lunch at Montee - i appriciate the style of the chef, but for us it was an interesting but still a dissappointing lunch, i’m looking for more “bold work” in flavors and combinations and yes, even for bigger portions, everything here except the very good main dish of veal, felt “too petit” , held back and sometimes sorry, but boring… It’s a different type of tasting menu and style, maybe because it’s lunch in “fraction price” and not dinner, dont know, happy we tried it but not our cup of tea. I think the petit place can also use benefit from some very quiet background playlist, but it’s their chice of course.

Imperial Treasure - Fun :slight_smile: We have very rare chances to meet excellent dimsum by our humble standarts, and other chinese delicacies, this was a treat, well a very expensive one, surely there are many options in the city at fraction, but we so glad we went there on that Sunday, EXCELLENT wine list in suprisingly affordable price points, we splurged with too much from the open carte, i think it’s much more interesting there from ordering closed meals.

Chocho - i also had this small skepticism when entered the place, not sure why :slight_smile:
We actually loved it, were too full to take tasting menu, so good they had a too small carte, excellent execution of everything, some real clever and thought provocating stuff, like the cellery and asparagus dishes, the veal liver and especially a very good apple cardamom dessert… Fish dish a bit dissappointing, the grapefruit sauce was too much for us and didn’t go quite well with the skatewing. Lovely place, not so comfortable sitting but good service

We had some “casual” options like a very nice and simple place called Obento in the 9th, excellent prices and hearthy tasty dishes, plans took a dive due to an emergency health issue of my wife, everything is ok but we had to cancel last minute at La Clarence and a day later at Dilia, happeans.

Sweets wise - Brigat was nice, Yann Bryss was out of stock when we arrived afternoon, bakes had to settle mainly on a Polaine medicore branch that was under the apartment, best macarons (which i hate in general) from Sadaharu Aoki, small and full of great flavor, we tried first time from Richart, sorry but no thanks…


Thanks very much for this report! I ate at Montee once years ago now. It was a dinner the night I had arrived in Paris from the U.S., and so I was skeptical of my experience there. It was a lovely restaurant, and the welcome was sincere, but something about the food just didn’t really appeal. Yes, I think “boring” might be a good word for my experience as well. I always thought I should go back since there are so many fans here, but have never been able to force myself to spend one of my precious Paris meals in a return visit. I feel now that perhaps I need not do so!

Looking forward to trying Perception! Would you think that my pescatarian friend would be able to eat the tasting menu here? (Lunch menu looks like it would be perfect for her.)

Merci for all!


Another great trip report! Thank you, Oferl. Your comments about Montée and Chocho align pretty much with our views of both. We actually found dinner at Montée more staid than lunch. But both services could benefit from your excellent suggestion of a good playlist! The problem we had with dinner at Montée is that it repeated a lot of the courses we had sampled at several lunches.

Thanks for your description of your experience at Perception. We haven’t been yet, but it’s nice to have confirmation of a place on our autumn list.

Sorry you missed out on Le Clarence and Dilia. As you say, life happens. I hope your wife’s medical issue resolved quickly, and that you are both able to return to Paris someday.

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Regarding Pescatarian, i think Perception is an excellent possibility, but of course to coordinate in advance the preferences, very easy nowadays in all places with the online res… pictures from there -

Elegant, radish wrapped in lard to dip in cacao olives crumble, salmon tartar nicely seasoned, excellent seasoning work throughout the meal

Langoustine under dashi gellee , very nice chef !

The green garlic “Brule” was top work, all dishes had little bites of surprises, like special citruses, crunchie or gelee condiments, just how i like it

Nice bread and piment d’espelette butter

Beef tataki, great broth, great attention to details

fish roll
Fish roll, relatively, this might be the least favorite of the meal, we are probably not the greatest fans of sous vide fish rolls

Chef’s bibimbap version with clams tartar on top, probably the best dish we had there, so much going on and perfectly cooked rice

Excellent veal with nice fried veal terrine pipe, great veal dish for a long tasting menu

Strawberry dessert with much more going on, very nice

Second dessert on yeast and beer theme, creative, tasty, the more you eat it the more you understand and love it, clever !

Petits to finish, dark choco balls with strong raspberry liquid and hazelnuts cream tart

It was a roller-coaster and a pleasure, for 110 pp it was great value in our opinion, i truly hope to have the opportunity in the future to purchase a cookbook from this chef and add to the collection :slight_smile:


Thank you, everything is fine now, she was very disappointed to miss Le Clarence, was supposed to be her first time, hope to go there together in the future

Lunch at Montee -

Cheese biscuit, that was exactly like the description

Rice cracker with smoked paprika, that tasted well exactly like it was called, unmemorable canapes

Nice work from the chef with this tomato water foam, parmesan grated on top, surprising 2-3 first bites, nothing going on from there, excellent base for a much more exciting dish, in my opinion

Know those “find the cat in the picture” weekend magazine pages ? :slight_smile: Well find the Tuna in the dish, tasty tuna tartar, small coin sized, a bit of tasty crumble that included black sesame, just nice

My wife hated the fish mousse, all i can say it was interesting and went nicely with the foam, but again was small and required careful eating, not to finish it too fast

Simple bun

Lotte was undercooked and too blend, with no spices around, i think it is a shame to serve with it one micro potato, that was tasty

Very tasty, good quality meat, excellent pistachio crust, half tasty okra

One strawberry cut to nice segments, good yoghourt mousse with strawberry jam inside

A kinako flour cookie that was supposed to be the petit gesture, was like eating sand and would have been better in my opinion if it wasn’t served

I know it is lunch at 60, i hope dinner there is a different story, as a demo lunch for the chef’s capabilities, it wasn’t unfortunately enough for us


Thanks for the pictures. Plating has certainly become a whole new art form.

Late Sept, we arrived Friday afternoon & had dinner at Montee on Sat. evening. Same effect as yours. Since this was our first Paris meal this stay, it was hard for us to understand why we were underwhelmed, as our overall experience was way better (food and price wise) than what we get at the places we frequent in NYC. Was it the austere room (really - put some art work on the wall)? No, it really was that there was nothing exciting on the plate & that conclusion was reinforced by almost every other meal we had over the course of our month’s stay. And, I find that I’m sorry to say this, as they were, as you said, sincerely welcoming.


imperial treasure -

Very good Chang Fen version

Nice Siu Mai !

OK XioaLongBao

Eggplant with minced pork

Fried rice, could have better

Fried crispy crab

Called i think golden duck eggs, first time to try this dessert, great buttery liquid inside !

Overall very tasty, very expensive :slight_smile: Good service and excellent Montagny bottle that matched the food perfectly


Dinner at Chocho, i think the main theme there, is “we can do excellent food using not the most expensive highend ingridients”… I guess trying the tasting menu could have given better view on that

White asperagus, good light ayoli

Very well made celery on toasted bread, bacony flavors

Skate wing, grapefruit sauce

Perfectly cooked veal liver with interesting parsly crumble

Loved this apple and dehydrated kiwi dessert

Nice peanuts ice cream

Interesting and tasty cooking, i didn’t understand exactly what is the connection to Catalan Tapas concept, that was mentioned… I’m not sure that if by looking only on the ingridients used, it justifies the prices, but as i mentioned there is definetly invesment in interesting and good cooking


Yep, pottery for restaurants has become a thing for quite some time… Japanese Kaiseki restaurants, in my opinion contributed to that a lot

Some restaurants are better at lunch, some at dinner. My experience with Montée (plenty of pre-pandemic experience, but only a single lunch post-pandemic) is that the lunch is definitely the meal to go for. FWIW, I am a fan of the lunches there, but it’s not a place I would go to all that often.

Thanks for the great report and nice photos. Chocho is definitely on my list now.

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these dishes are absurdities if they dont taste good!