Our beautiful gardens (a break from food farming)


LOL, one year I have planted a lot of tulips and armenicacums bulbs in autumn. I was dreaming of a fantastic garden the following May. Problem: they never flourished at the same time, even between the tulips.


Yes, sadly I think that is photoshopped - it is gorgeous, though! I planted lots of tulips (different varieties with various bloom times) and muscari this fall so I’m hoping I will get at least SOME overlap. If not, at least I’ll have an extended bloom season!


Yes it is obviously photoshopped.
I think you can do it and moved the potted plants together to create this effect… like some fashion shows or special events with landscape designer / gardeners…well, sure this will cost a fortune!


The landscaping in some of the pricier areas of Manhattan (e.g., the median strip down Park Avenue) is done in this way, with potted plants that are replaced as they die. Not that they ever achieve results that look as good as this.


love the spectacular sea of blue
Here is my cobblestone driveway converted to a strawberry field as the cherry blossoms are spent. 10606240_10153296387610737_5573254256486180947_n


Very beautiful.

Do you have many edible cherries?


We had a dwarf edible cherry tree in my husband’s family garden but the birds eat up all the cherries unless we cover it with a net.
So, we decided to just have these Kwanzan cherry. trees, similar to the new in the there garden .


Here is a sea of pink in the whirlwind plaza


Ahhh! I’m having flashbacks of that pink flower! What is it? Starts with Oenth?


Oenothera Berlandieri?

Mexican evening primrose?


Yes, botanical, it is Oenethera specious also called evening primrose, Mexican primrose etc. However they are quite invasive as you can see, so I have been trying to eradicate them bec often, I cannot see my other bulbs blooming.


Here is another area that is too steep for me to garden, not allowed by law to do anything else bec it is at the critical area , so here I have all these wild orange lilies ( hemerocallis fulva ) that has overtaken these area to the extent that all the other beautiful tetraploid lilies planted in these hill are no longer visible. I had wandered if I could fry the buds like squash blossoms? FullSizeRender


That is the subject of my flashbacks! I ended up moving and will never plant them again. You live in an amazing setting!