Ottolenghi's cauliflower Parmesan cake

Sorry for those on FB that have seen this question. Has anyone made this and, if so, thoughts please? Thinking of serving it for Christmas but if I make it now to try, I likely won’t want it again in six weeks.

here’s the smitten kitchen’s version, which has several comments.

Yes, I saw that but I didn’t read any useful comments. The usual "how can I make this gluten free ", “ooh it looks good” drivel.

I loved it, so did everyone else, even though i was a good bit short on the parmesan. However- do use a light hand with the black seeds, and try to get onion seeds- i used the white sesame as the recipe calls for and black sesame since they were easy to find and I thought it added a bit too much sesame flavor to those bites.
Definitely let it cool awhile before slicing-or better yet bake earlier and just rewarm before serving to get clean solid slices.

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Thanks for your comments, Tt! I just ordered the nigella seeds so I’ll have them on hand if I decide to make. I’m thinking of this plus the Belgian leek tart on Epicurious and some side vegetables for our Christmas dinner. I’d rather not put meat out as the main (even though I have a very carnivorous rest of the family). Good to know baking in advance is actually advised :slight_smile: