Which are your favourite spots in Ottawa?

I’m especially interested in take-out and heated patios.

I am familiar with Shawarma Palace, Golden Palace, Scone Witch, La Bottega Nicastro, and Nate’s Deli (if it is still around).

I liked a brunch at Benny’s Bistro which is temporarily closed- the French Baker in the front space is open.

Thanks for any ideas!

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I have a list for Ottawa visit as somewhat new to that area

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Thank you!

I also enjoyed The Whalesbone, on a visit in 2016.

That’s where I had my first Poke.

Duna Bistro has Eastern European food

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The Peruvian cuisine of the quarter Thread made me look up Peruvian in Ottawa / Gatineau. 6 options! Petit Peru in Gatineau looks promising !

Raphaël Express has a convenient location, in the Byward Market.


Tempted by Burmese.

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Loved Whalesbone (Bank St Location only), was not a fan of their corporate crowd Elgin St location. Two completely different restaurants. Every time I visited Ottawa (pre-pandemic) I made a point to visit. Nice wine list too.


I’ve only been to the Elgin location.

Looks like the Bank St location is temporarily closed.

There’s an Elmdale location on Wellington that’s open. Maybe I will check that one out.

Thanks, @joshuaviegas.

More casual options at the Elmdale location, including a lobster & shrimp roll.

Nate’s Deli is still truckin’ . The head mistress at my grade school recommended it, for our Grade 7 trip to Ottawa, back in the 80s. Nate’s has been in business since 1959.

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The Bank St location is small and intimate. They play vinyl. It’s one of my favourite restaurants in the country. Too bad it’s closed.

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We love Benny’s Bistro too. We were introduced to the place more than a decade ago by the chefs at Perspectives (Michael Blackie’s old place). Good to hear they’re still around even though temporarily closed.

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I’m still thinking about a brunch dish I had at Benny’s Bistro. Potatoes au gratin, topped with maple cured pork loin, a poached egg and Hollandaise.

Looks like Benny’s is open again. The website hasn’t been updated yet. Active on IG!

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My friend mentioned:

Crispy duck leg is calling my name

Or Duck at Das Lokal

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Ah Play. It was good when we were there around 2015. It’s a Beckta joint with small plates but it has gone through staff changes. When it initially opened it wasn’t up to snuff. Don’t know the quality nowadays. Don’t remember a patio there though.

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I haven’t been to Play since Oct 2016. No idea Ed patio.

There might be a low around 0 °C in Ottawa this weekend so I’ll probably get take-out, instead of seeking out a winterized patio.

Nate’s is still around! They have a restaurant on Sparks near Metcalfe. The menu is here.

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I would stay away from Rico Peru food truck unless you like REALLY OILY food. I only ate there once and never again. Their dishes are more like Chinese food with Spanish names so I’m not sure how authentic it is.

I’ve been to Rangoon and I would highly recommend it. The tea leaf salad is amazing.

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As a follow up to The Whalesbone, the Bank Street restaurant has been closed since the pandemic started - I’m not even sure if they offer take out. But the Elgin Street location is still open for business.

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If you haven’t gone to Gongfu Bao yet I would recommend you bump it up near the top of your list. Their pork belly bao is to die for. They had a table set up at the Feast of Fields last year and they sold out quickly. I haven’t been to Luxe Bistro or Das Lokal yet so I have no feedback to give.

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Chinese food with Spanish names is actually an authentic style of Peruvian cuisine – known as Chifa:
New Sky Restaurant in Toronto has an entire menu of Chifa dishes (published in Spanish and Traditional Chinese).


I have a few more suggestions for the Byward Market and centretown:


The Red Apron has a lot of prepared meals however they require heating up. I’m not sure if you have access to a microwave but I’m just putting it out there… They have a lunch counter from Monday to Friday and you can either eat in or take out. Their hot lunches are given to you hot so you don’t have to reheat them. The only menu item I didn’t like was the lobster sandwich since it had no flavour but I have been very happy with everything else I have ordered from them. The meals are available for take out but they also have a patio if you would like to sit outside. There is no indoor dining.

Subito Sandwiches is across the street from the Red Apron and just as the name implies they specialize in sandwiches. The sandwiches are huge and tasty. So far I have been very happy with the sandwiches I’ve ordered. They are take out only.

Talay Thai is also good. You could dine in or take out.

If you like Filipino food (or if you haven’t and would like to try it) I could recommend Tamis. Their bulalo is my favourite dish. They are open for dining in and take out.

Island Grill has good Carribean food. I’ve only had their curries but they are all good. They are only open for take out.

If you like pizza the Colonnade is good. It’s also a popular spot with the locals. Their Mediterranean pizza is my favourite. They are open for dine in and take out.

Mama Teresa serves good Italian food. They are open for dining in and take out.

East India Company has good Indian food. They used to have a buffet although it closed when covid started and I’m not sure if it has re-opened. They have an a la carte menu though and they are open for dining in and take out.

Byward Market:

I know you said you have already been to La Bottega so maybe you are familiar with the sandwich counter? If you decide to order a sandwich the only place to eat it is at one of their tables outside. But they have a dining room at the back of the store where hot meals are available. I haven’t tried it yet but it seems to be popular. It is open for dining in only.

Pili Pili offers Caribbean style bbq’d chicken. I usually order a chicken platter which comes with a salad on the side and the platters are very good. They are open for dining in and take out.

Ahora serves Mexican food and you can dine in or get take out.

Le Mien serves Chinese style soups and they are REALLY good - highly recommended! They make their noodles in-house. They offer dining in and take out.

Shanghai Wonton Noodle is another favourite. Their pork and peanut noodle dish is a favourite. They offer dining in and take out.

Khao Thai specializes in Thai food and you can dine in or get take out.

Chez Lucien is a brasserie in the market. You can dine in but I’m not sure if they do take out.

There is also Cafe Shafali if you like Indian food. You can dine in or get take out.

Kochin Kitchen is also highly recommended and probably the most authentic Indian restaurant in the area. You can dine in but I’m not sure about take out.


And I’m just putting in a plug for my favourite Chinese restaurant Yang Sheng Apparently they are on vacation until October 17 :frowning: If you do choose to eat there you can dine in or get take out/delivery. They are located in Chinatown.

Let me know if you would like recommendations in other neighbourhoods…

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I only have one takeout dinner this visit.

I’d like this thread to become an Ottawa resto thread that keeps growing :slight_smile:

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