Other Mama [Las Vegas, NV]

Other Mama is a seafood and cocktail focused restaurant with an Asian influence from chef Dan Krohmer, who named the restaurant after his grandmother. It’s on the west side of Las Vegas a bit of a ways away from the strip.

Dollar Oysters ($1 each)
Dollar oysters all day on Sunday (and Monday)! Perfectly shucked. Very good oysters, especially for a dollar. They came with a cocktail sauce and a ponzu sauce.

Amberjack Sashimi ($9)
Some Japanese amberjack sashimi off the specials board. Five pieces. Very good sashimi and a pretty good price.

Philly Box ($7)
Also off the specials board. This was kind of like a oshizushi (pressed sushi) version of a Philadelphia roll with cream cheese and smoked salmon :joy:. Quite good. I did wish the rice were a little warmer/room temp and maybe a little more loosely packed but this may just be the nature of pressed sushi.

Caviar French Toast ($19)
A whimsical take on caviar service on blinis. Instead of blinis the caviar and crème fraîche sat on little rectangles of French toast. The French toast wasn’t sweet. Topped with some crème fraîche and then the caviar. This was good but some of the French toast pieces were a little too chewy for me.

Chicken Fried Lobster ($25)
This was great! Best dish of the night for me. Well-fried lobster pieces with a light crispy coating that did not overpower the sweet lobster. Served with a creamy sauce for dipping that I think had some tarragon in it. A bit expensive (at least relative to the rest of the menu) but it’s lobster, and there was a good amount of lobster meat in there.

Black Tea Infused Anejo Rum, Vanilla Orgeat, Creme de Banane
I also had a nice tiki-ish cocktail.

I had very good meal at Other Mama. It’s worth the trek out from the strip.

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