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Hi, everyone! I also used to use Chowhound before it became rather dead following the last reorganization (“The decline of Chowhound, by the numbers” on this board tells that story eloquently), and used to value it for its former focus on cheap eats. Now I value this site and Food Talk Central, which seem pretty complementary to me, and I’m also a longtime member of eGullet, which though it lacks much restaurant discussion in its New York Forum nowadays still has a core of committed cooks who have a lot of knowledge and interesting things to say. In addition to Hungry Onion, what other forums do you like, and why? Also, do you know of any good forums that specifically focus on hot sauces or other more or less narrowly-defined savory items?

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I read The Hot Pepper forum occasionally. I like hot sauces, but I’m not into them enough to acquire hot sauces beyond what are available to me locally.

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Other than a periodic, nostalgic look at Chowhound, there’s nowhere else I use these days. If the UK board of eGullet had remained active, I would still be there (even in preference to here). But its demise reflects the declining fortunes of the forum format not only for food interests but more widely.

I would never have the patience to be a mod…

To answer OP’s question, no, I do not go to other forums, I’ve described eGullet as the zombie apocalypse and FTC has way too many bros and fist-pumping for me. I stick close to Hungry Onion, although I occasionally read FTC.

I take it back, there’s another site I’ve been enjoying, it’s called Chow Toronto and it’s on Facebook. And I belong to another FB group but it’s not open to the public. Nyuk, nyuk.

I can’t access FB from work, but Google is a mighty fine tool. It helps with searching all sorts of things.

LTH forum for Chicagoland And points beyond. FB has tons of food groups; One of my KC ones has 25,000+ members, also a secret hard core group consisting mostly food/ hospitality professionals. Pretty funny usually.

I listen to a few food podcasts under Heritage Radio and listeners tend to create a forum for fellow followers but the discussion can veer off the topic of food pretty quickly so I stopped participating.

HO is the only food forum I learned about until now. Chowhound I read about on HO and took a look out of curiosity but the info is so crowded I wouldnt enjoy it. No ads is a real luxury!!

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Thanks for mentioning this. I hadn’t been aware of it and have really enjoyed listening to the programs!



There’s always Reddit which usually has a subreddit for everything. How active or mature they are will vary.


And this guy active on that subreddit reviews hot sauces:

Do you have a reddit subhandle @seamunky?

I’m guilty of reading shittyfoodporn, actually, I love that sub. Hilarious.

Yes, I’m still seamunky over there and on FTC also. I’m more of a lurker on reddit and enjoy reading about Malicious Compliance :wink:

It’s good to see you posting here. :wink:

Great conversation, everyone! I’ll say this site has FTC and eGullet beat in this topic, easily. So far, no response whatsoever on eGullet and a much less interesting conversation at FTC. And LOL on “Zombie Apocalypse”!