OT - Pls ID this spiky pod?

The asker says it’s common in southern California. Someone else thinks it’s Datura Stramonium.

Pic 1

4 chambers and big seeds. Datura Stramonium is way off.

Pic 2


Wild cucumber?


That’s it. Thanks!

I saw photos of the green pods in my search but not the dried, cross-section of them, till now.

I have them in my yard. They are a nuisance.

Hard to get rid of? They seem to climb and get themselves entangled everywhere and in everything. The pods look painful.

They say you have to get of the vines before they go to seed. This plant is too much work.

I’ve never dug one up, I just rip them out, hopefully before they get too big and and make pods. They do come back every year.