Ostiones Carlos Slim - Pico's (Houston)

New menu items at Pico’s.

Ostiones Carlos Slim (in the first paragraph) - a variation on Oysters Rockefeller. A couple of these look interesting.


I checked out the Chronicle’s slide show and those ostiones sure look good.

The erstwhile Bellaire Pico’s holds a special place for the Wifeacita and me as it was where most of the courting occurred with the straight up margaritas with the small shakers. We generally grazed on appetizers like chilorio, camarones al ajillo, nachos Jorge with cochinita pibil, and queso flameado. The fajitas are terrible, totally lacking in flavor, avoid at all cost.

Courting also occurred at King Fish Market and Pappa’s Seafood for all you can eat lobster. I maxed out at six. King Fish also had grilled mahi and boiled shrimp with the lobster.

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Does Pappa’s still do this? I have’t seen it before.

This was probably fifteen years ago at the Southwest Freeway location which has closed.

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