Osteria Cucina, Marlboro NJ

I had a business dinner/meeting and this was the location that was decided on. I have been here a few times in the past and sadly my impression hasn’t changed much. For those of you who don’t know, this is the same ownership of Brando’s in Asbury Park and now Fromagerie in Rumson. (they also own a pizza place in the strip mall behind this Marlboro location)

In all fairness my only experience at this location and Brando’s has been with their steak(s). While the steaks aren’t bad, they are billed as prime aged steaks, they are just over priced in my opinion. $95 for a 40 oz porterhouse for two, which I could easily finish myself is just too much in my opinion. You are exceeding NYC prices and giving a product which is inferior in my opinion. Strangely the steak last night didn’t even have a good char to it, it honestly seemed as if it was cooked under a medium heat, not seared at all.

Appetizers were the thick cut bacon and shrimp cocktail both were very good, their complimentary bread selections were very nice, as well as the sides that came with the bread. A home made ricotta, EVOO with garlic cloves and some thin fried zucchini slices were a very nice treat.

Now in their defense, this location has everything from pizza to prime aged steaks, so there are other items which might offer better value than I have experienced. It’s a very nice environment, the service is excellent and they have an outdoor seating area and bar. Downside to this is it is routinely over-run by cigar or cigarette smoke which I do not enjoy.

I will most likely go to the Fromagerie soon, however I will resist the steak temptation and try one of their other dishes and hopefully be happily surprised.

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I’ve been a couple of times for business dinners only … serves this purpose very well, imo. Nice place, good drinks, attractive interior, good service, etc. Ordered fish on both occasions and was pleased. Think one was the bronzino and the other came wrapped in foil. Not many options like this in Western Monmouth to entertain a client.

It’s particularly good for business dinners if you have a business expense account or are the recipient of the business dinner.

I wonder if I can talk my principal into taking me and a few other teachers here on business…

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They have a liquor license so after my many years in and around the restaurant business I know that is a prerequisite for any teacher meeting or party venue.

…just like char. I don’t spend my own money there but it’s not bad for free.

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Liquor license + mediocre food = successful restaurant.

It’s the Monmouth singularity.

Proof of theorem: Birravino, Undici, Salt Creek, Boney Serra, Char, Red, Downtown, Etc.

You forgot nauvoo.

Char steaks arent cheap but if someone else is paying then I’m game. You are paying for atmosphere and eye candy. The tomahawk ribeye is a good cut. It’s expensive and some are better than others but for 70 it is better and larger than some local 50 ribeyes. Again…not the best bang for your buck but if I’m not paying I hit it hard as hell.

So where are your favorite ribeyes in Monmouth county? That deserves a new thread I think :slight_smile:

Why are android phones so shitty at taking low light food pics? Iphones definitely take much better pics…at least food pics in my eyes. These pics look like Patrick Swayze is sitting next to me in dirty dancing.

CJ that is a big bone.

That one shot looks more like the RKO tower getting ready to take Rif Raf and FrankNfurter back home.

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Hahaha! Yeah that tower was a trip. It looked like some dude spot tacked it up in the back parking lot from red bank recycling scrap metal :joy:

The seafood was decent. I’m not a raw oyster guy but again, when stuff is free it seems to taste better. Everything else was good on that tower.

My problem with Char is that they charge more than Luger and they are in JERSEY.

If I’m shelling out that much for a steak I’m going over the Verrezano.

They are charging more for a sometimes inferior product with hit or miss service.

Went to Steak 85 in New Brunswick tonight for my sons going to college dinner. Tomahawk blue cheese crusted, $55. not the thickest cut but still very good.

Even tho bone is big, portion size actually looks a little small. Was there enough meat on it?

Ehhhhhhhh it was “ok” but not a larger cut than any rib eye.

So when are we going to the form menage a trois for a Thursday night burger?